Are you a “gamer”?

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Oh so you play Fortnite? Or is it Fifa? But wait, where? In your house? What? Uh. That's so 2017. Have you been to Panama's very own Alienware Room already or...?

Panama is known for a lot of things – papers, the canal, the beaches, and the endless rain – but it is not known for its gaming.

Until now.

Alienware Room Panama

Alienware room

I’m not even going to continue this blog post until you finish drooling.

For those unfamiliar with them, Alienware is a computer hardware company (owned by Dell), and they tend to specialize in a gaming equipment – laptops, desktops, consoles.

You know how you download Fortnite on your MacBook Pro and call yourself a gamer (me)? Alienware is the real deal. If you’re wondering what all you can find in the Alienware Room

  • 65-inch 4k OLED TV,
  • Alienware PC with a Core i7-7800 and a GTX 1080Ti,
  • Xbox One Elite Controllers,
  • Oculus Rift,
  • Alienware laptop,
  • 34 inch ultra wide monitor,
  • Racing chair,
  • Interactive lighting,


alienware roomThe Alienware Room has set up shop in the local Hilton Hotel, in Panama City, Panama. And hey, if you go on a date with someone not interested at all in video games, you can let them sleep on those unnecessary beds right there.

Room 2425 is directly facing our absolutely spectacular beaches, but I’m not sure why you’d even have the curtains open if you’re there for one thing and one thing alone.

Patrick Fortnite

Ensuring an innovative and differentiating service has been our commitment since our opening in Panama and this initiative shows how important it is for us to contribute to improving more and more the options [to] stay in Panama, directly impacting on the tourist offer offered by the country for locals and foreigners” – Andres Korngold, Hilton Panama’s director of business development.

One night in the exclusive (and one of its kind) Alienware Room comes out to USD $349 a night – but you might want to double check if the minibar is included.

And before I leave, I’ll just leave you with the following, and hope you come check out Panama’s latest wonder, soon.

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