Are you ready for a cooler … cooler?

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Tired of $6 Walmart coolers? Try $700 cooler instead.

What can instantly ruin a party?

Yes, no music. Yes, a fight. Yes, drama. Yes, the police (if you’re underage or doing something you shouldn’t be doing). Basically, a lot of things. But one thing that you for sure need to worry about, is having a cooler that will for sure keep your drinks nice and cold.

Not only has this cooler adapted to the “Dark Mode” technology that iPhones still don’t have for some reason, but it’s your first cool electric cooler.

Furrion Rova 

The Furrion Rova can hold 24 cans in its tiny compartment and keep them cold for up to 7 days. Easy to carry, and with the ability to be either electric or battery-powered, ordering the Furrion Rova includes a charging station with USB and QI wireless.

But Prithvi, what if we’re drinking in a moving vehicle although we definitely shouldn’t and there’s no reason for this functionality to have been created as it only enables us to be worse human beings“? Wow, very specific question – but I have an answer for you.

The cells can be charged through a solar panel (though that might take a while), or your vehicle’s cigarette compartment.

simpsons gif

Additionally, if you just want to store ice in it, you’re good to go for an entire 10 days.

And… no, I’m not done.

The way the Furrion Rova is designed, the retractable handle can also serve as a table and/or an accessory rack. So you’re not only keeping drinks cool, but you’re also LOOKING cool

furrion rova ice cooler

Just for reference – there’s enough battery in this little cooler to run a 22-inch TV for eight hours, or charge your phone 22 times. And retail price starting at $700, you can expect 2019 you to debate between almost being able to afford an iPhone, almost being able to afford a Macbook Pro, or getting a cooler and being the coolest guy at the party.

Remember what I said about Alexa the other day?

That over 100 million devices were sold? 

Google recently announced that available in 30 languages and 80 countries, the Google Assistant will soon be available on 1 billion devices across the world…

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