2016 was a great year for technological innovations, but did you assume that only Hollywood is scandalous? Last year had its ups and downs for major businesses. Everything from exploding smartphones, to cyber attacks, 2016 saw a lot of tech scandals.

As detailed in Business Insider, here’s a few highlights of some of the biggest technology scandals of last year.


10 years ago, self driving cars were only part of futuristic films, but today we know this as Tesla. “AUTOPILOT IS GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME, BUT IT IS NOT PERFECT AND STILL REQUIRES THE DRIVER TO REMAIN ALERT.” was the reply when one of the self driving cars was involved in a tragic accident on May 7th in Florida, resulting in the death of a 40 year old Joshua Brown. Tesla did end their year decently though, when in December, one of the cars on autopilot predicted a crash involving two completely different cars, 2 seconds before it even happened. Now that’s nice.

Hyperloop One

If you don’t know about the Hyperloop One, do yourself a favor and read up on it. In July of 2016, they were involved in a series of heavy lawsuits between the co founders. Here’s a link to an article written in Wired if you’re interested in learning more about it.


In August, the European Union claimed that Apple avoided paying taxes on their major (we’re talking multi billion dollar) sales in Ireland. Now we know that Apple is worth a lot of money, but boy was that fine hefty, totalling to $14.5 billion US Dollars. That’s got to hurt. Let’s not forget that with this beautiful new iPhone 7, there is no headphone jack . . . Not cool, Apple.


Again in August, Samsung went through a situation which you’d be a fool NOT to already know about. This was when the first complaints on the exploding Note 7 phones appeared. Soon enough, Samsung canceled the production of the model, and this caused a lot of upset.


In September, Yahoo confirmed the data theft of over 500 million accounts. I haven’t checked my yahoo account in half a decade. Oops.


The biggest social network in the world (sorry Twitter) was accused of sharing false news, which predetermined the elections in the United States in November.