Are you one of the thousand people that have decided to take on something meaningful as your new year resolution instead of signing up for a gym membership but only going thrice and giving up?

You’ve come to the right place!

For many years that have passed, and many more to come, programming languages will still be beneficial to anyone and everyone. If learning English, Spanish, French, […] can make you more intellectual, have you considered what programming languages could do for you?

Any field related to Computer Science is STRONG. There are many fields that might get saturated with the amount of people in it, but this is one that always has room for improvement, no matter how advanced things may get. Remember, you’re not only changing the world with your great apps, software, or innovations, but you’re also making the MULA!

New year, same programming languages 1

Here’s a list of popular programming languages we feel you could learn in order to achieve maximum success in your computer goals.

1. Python;

2. Java;

3. Swift (now swift 3!);

4. C++.

Of course, there are a number of languages more but we feel that in the professional field, these 4 are guaranteed to get you places in life. Now, although in no particular order, we do feel that Python would be a fun language to start with because when you’re just beginning to learn programming, you want to feel productive. You want to feel like you’re accomplishing things fast. This is where Python is handy! You don’t need many lines of codes to get things to work.

Take the millions of people currently trying to work their way through a gym, little do they know that unless you are a 100% committed, it takes time to see results which is why many people give up before February even starts.

Now… in real life, a simple program can take hundreds and hundreds of lines of code (trust me on this one, I know).

If you know what you’re doing, and you know that patience is key.. you’ll succeed.


Don’t be discouraged if you’re only 15, of if you can’t afford a college course just on programming. We’ll hook you up with some great online sources to start learning as soon as possible!


Khan Acadamy


and so many more!

You are just a click away from making games, softwares, and discovering your true programming potential.

Good luck!