2016 was really good year for the tech world as a whole. It was also good to smartphones alone. This year, for the first time in about 5 to 6 years, or maybe even more, we are unable to pick just ONE “best smartphone of the year”, seeing how there so many that are just amazing. In today’s article we have the top 4 phones we’d like to talk about, in no particular order, which we feel are the best of the best in 2016.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

samsung galaxy s7 edge image

We would choose Galaxy Note 7, but the phone was (as the youngsters say these days) LIT …(literally .. on flames)

A lot of time has passed since the release of the S7. Although happened in march, the phone is still one of the best of 2016; with a very decent camera, an almost perfect battery (especially the Exynos version), a micro SD slot, and its water resistance! All of this in just a 5.5 inch body. Neat!

Sure, it might not be the most ~unique and innovative phone of the year, but it’s definitely well rounded (literally).



Apple iPhone 7

Top 4 smartphones of 2016 1Even if you are fan of Android since day one, you can NOT deny the fact that the iPhone 7 is a technological BEAUTY (specially the “plus” sized models (go 21st century!). This is one we’d recommend to absolutely anybody who wants more than just a regular phone.

iOS 10 makes iPhone better than ever, with that sleek design, that user friendly bliss; it just makes it very enjoyable to use a phone that’s that easy to use. One of the new additions to this phone is the double camera that takes impeccable pictures (oh boy, you can already tell I have an iPhone, don’t you?), once again reducing the need to spend that extra dough to go get actual cameras! For those that feel that size doesn’t matter, the 4.7 inch model inch model is quite the phone. There’s a saying in Spanish that goes: “Chiquita pero poderosa”; google the translation, it’s worth it. Lastly, WE FINALLY HAVE A WATER RESISTANT IPHONE. IT ONLY TOOK 9 YEARS!


Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel ImageAn Android powered device with Google’s assistant built in, now that’s neat. This is definitely a huge step forward for both the operating systems as well as hardware. “The best phone camera”, “a 7 hour charge in 15 minutes” these are features that only a 100% of the population crave, specially when you fall asleep using that phone of yours and wake up the next day at 10%. The Pixel XL is just another step higher and we are really excited for what this phone and Google have in store for us in coming times.


OnePlus 3T

Top 4 smartphones of 2016 2

Although not your typically known devices in the western world (with the constant Samsung vs Apple battle that seems never ending), the OnePlus 3T is actually a pretty great phone. Having a surprisingly low cost compared to the more popular phones in the market ($429 US dollars), it actually has impressive specifications and surpasses quite a few competitors. Although it doesn’t offer anything new, one can be satisfied with the display size as well as the battery life.



What do you think? Did we share your opinion as far as 2016’s best phones go? If not, which would you add or remove and why?