Steal? We meant borrow!

Under the shadow of the constant battle between iOS and Android, Windows 10 Mobile is on a rapid pursuit of trying to get people over to their side (not that they need Apple and Samsung to be distracted in a personal tech war). Windows 10 Mobile is so decent that it has called not only the general public’s eye, but also of high ups in Samsung, inclining them to put “similar” features in the Galaxy S8.

Here you’ll see the new Galaxy S8. As you can figure out for yourself, this seems to be part of their upcoming plan; a feature that will allow users to connect their device directly to a monitor a “desktop-like experience”. Tech lovers will remember a rather… similar idea patented by Microsoft in 2015: the Continuum Device.

Obviously, you can’t just copy without adding more features. Samsung has plans to allow multitasking along with a keyboard and a mouse.

samsung idea

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Samsung representatives have declined from commenting specifics on the new Galaxy phone which is soon to be released (in case any of our readers are interested, we will definitely be up to date with the best deals because a penny saved is a penny earned!) so we can’t be too sure about the hearsay.


transparent iphone


However, I think we are all better than to pay attention to the “technological hearsay” in our communities; because if that were true, THE IPHONE WAS TO BE TRANSPARENT A REALLY LONG TIME AGO.