There are so many things to look forward to in 2017, and among those are a few technology related news that you definitely want to keep up with.


The initial public share offering (IPO) of Alibaba’s financial child company – Ant Financial, could help the corporation achieve even more global recognition. For those that do not know, Ant Financial (previously known as Alipay) has the biggest platform for electronic payments with over 450 million active users and 170 million transactions everyday, making each one of them extremely secure and rapid.

New problems for Yahoo

Yet to see if the deal between Yahoo and Verizon will be finalized, despite the hacker attack on Yahoo, which affected a billion users. We expect Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to lose her position soon. Also, we now can go on with this year telling little kids “there was once an internet superpower called Yahoo…” because they are expecting a name change really soon. Altaba will be its new name, being a combination of “alternative” and “Alibaba”. The reason they are so invested in having something related to Alibaba in their new name is because they own about 15 percent of it (totalling to about $35 billion dollars).

UPDATE: Monday January 12th, 2017, Marissa Mayer is expected to leave the board after the Verizon deal pulls through.


In the meantime, we expect Twitter to still have problems in the leadership. After Dick Costolo left the company in 2015, there was a wave of resignations. He has actually done pretty well for himself after that. In December of that year, he joined the board of directors at Patreon. Recently, he announced the creation of a new Fitness software that “reimagines the bath to personal fitness“.
Jack Dorsey – co founder and current CEO of Twitter – is also the founder and  CEO of Square (a payment app). Will he be able to the keep running both smoothly? Find out in the next episode of … new 2017!

Facebook’s big ambitions

What would be of Facebook without their constant desire to update and upgrade? In the end of 2016 they reached the high number of 1.79 billion users and are hoping for a realistic 2 billion. According to Wallstreet, they won’t till the first quarter of 2018. What do you think?

A month ago, Facebook also added a new feature – the Marketplace. This allows users to buy and sell on Facebook itself. Will it last?