Over the past year we witnessed major innovations in the world of technology, but at the same time, we have had to part with gadgets and services that have become a part of our everyday life.

These are a few of the products that we personally will really feel weird without. Like a gym rat without his supplements; like a phone without a cover; like a runner without shoes; like an iPhone without an audio jack … oh wait.

Audio jack on the iPhone

The announcement of the new iPhone in September confirmed the rumors that Apple had officially removed the audio jack. To supplement this, Apple introduced wireless earphones called “AirPods” $159 (which is funny because we found $20 too expensive for earphones, let alone these wireless ones…)

This was frowned upon by many consumers, but Apple justified their courageous decision by saying that they wanted to promote wireless technology.

iphone 7 audiojack


After 30 years of ultimate screening and almost 10 years of collecting dust on top of our TV’s and shelves, Funai Electric (a Japanese company rumored to be the last company that still made these) has finally given up. Will there be another piece of equipment like the VCR that we will use for decades?



No. Calm down. Technology is advancing fast, sure, but we’re not talking about ordinary paper. Paper – an app released by Facebook in 2014 – offered a brand new approach to, essentially, read the newspaper With a great design, Paper was one of the futuristic signs of news reading.

Unfortunately, Paper did not quite gain the crowd following and was forced to be terminated last year. Did you even know about this app? If yes, will you really miss it with all the other forms of online newspapers at our availability?

Paper Facebook


We all remember Google’s photo sharing and storing app, don’t we? Well, we hope you’re ready to move on to better things, according to CNN Tech. Google Photos has gained a much better review and seems to operate in a significantly better manner.

They would actually love to keep both, but it makes no sense to own two photo handling services. Luckily, Google offers a transitioning service to “move on” from Picasa into Google Photos!

Google Picasa

Google’s Project Ara

If you don’t know about this, either go look it up or get out of here. This was a mental craze all over the world with the famous “building blocks” of phones. Being able to create your very own phone with your specifications and your technicalities; what all did this phone promise! With the due date sometime in fall of this year, the project was cancelled due to financial costs and other technical problems.

Bummer, since this project was going on for a really long time.

google project ara


In October, Twitter announced the end of their extremely popular (but apparently not popular enough) 6-second-video application: Vine. This application did indeed lead to the popularity of several vine stars who have now proceeded to short videos for their personal Instagram or Twitter pages.

Vine did come back though, only not as we expected. Vine Camera is an application that allows users to take photos and shoot short videos that can be shared directly on Twitter. Not the same, eh?

vine twitter


Check out CNN Tech for a more detailed list of these and much more!