We all want to see a future where we can co-exist with robots, right? We are on a fast track there with artificial intelligence such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and others. All we know about robots are those we see in the news in Japan once every few months.

However, in a world where unemployment is not even close to being just a word, we are about to have robots actually replace human jobs.

robots replacing human jobs

An insurance company in Japan will lay off 34 employees by the end of March and replace them with a system based on artificial intelligence. It’s reported by the Guardian that they can calculate payment information to policyholders.

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance,

believes that this will increase productivity by 30% and the investments will be recovered in less than two years.

This AI system is based on IBM’s Watson Explorer, which is said to have “cognitive technology that can think like a human”. This allows her to “analyze and interpret all data, including unstructured text, photos, audio, and video recordings”

Robots will eliminate 6% of jobs in the United States by 2021, particularly in the service sector, suggest some reports.

AI is so rapidly becoming part of the day-to-day in Japan that the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry will test artificial intelligence to assist the officials with writing to the other ministers at meetings of the Cabinet and parliament. If this experiment proves successful, it could be adopted by other government agencies.

Talk about futuristic!