We’ve all read how shaking an iPhone can help you undo or redo; how lowering the brightness can help your iPhone’s battery life… you need to up your game with these fancy iPhone tips.

iphone drinking water

5 interesting things to do with iPhone

1) Airplane mode == faster charging

iphone battery

You SHOULD probably know this one by now. However, for the 10% of you that don’t, if you’re ever in a rush or need your iPhone to charge at a faster speed, try putting your phone in airplane mode: your charging speed will double.

1.5) If you have an iPad wall charging adapter, oh boy. You’ve got yourself a real fast ………

charger logo


2) Timing late night tunes

We know of a few people who definitely require either podcasts or music to fall asleep at night. However, once you fall asleep, there is really no need for your phone to keep playing your podcasts, or music, or even Netflix! There’s an easy fix for that. Head to the clock application on your iPhone –> Timer –> “When Timer ends” –> scroll all the way down and select Stop playing.

Voila! Now you can go ahead and set the timer from a minute to however long it takes for you to fall asleep (or 23 hours and 59 minutes, whatever happens sooner).

3) Visual notifications!

Remember when you had that Blackberry device that would emit a little red light whenever you got a new notification? Miss it? Don’t! You can have it on your iPhone too. Just follow these simple steps, as laid out by Tek Revue. Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> LED Flash for Alerts.

led flashing iphone

Just be careful with this. If you’re holding your phone while in front of another person and you happen to get a notification… there is a slight chance you might get some furious stares (hint hint: what does your phone’s camera do when it takes pictures at night?)

4) Burst mode

Are you someone who’s, unfortunately, always near someone that asks you to take their picture?

Are you someone who once asked for the favor, is asked AT LEAST 2 times more because the first two pictures weren’t good enough?

There might be a solution for you.

burst modeburst modeWith burst mode, you’re essentially just leaving the photo button pressed. The longer you go, the more pictures you’ll take. This is extremely convenient when clicking movable things (like the soccer player in the picture). Also, very handy for when the person whose picture you’re taking goes “I had my eyes shut”. Now you can reply, “I BEG TO DIFFER!”


5) Assistive touch

Do you worry for the well being of your lock and home button with the amount you press on them? Since the iPhone doesn’t really have many buttons, we must really go out of our way to protect the ones that are already there. With assistive touch you can access most of the important features on your phone:

  • assistive touchControl Center
  • Home
  • Notification Center
  • Siri
  • Lock screen
  • Mute / Un-Mute
  • Volume Controls
  • Screenshots!

Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Assistive touch








Was there any in this list that you did not know?