Remember the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which we mentioned in one of our old posts? If not, it’s basically a convention where everyone has the next million dollar idea that will change the world. We’ve seen that with the 19 pound laptop that was presented there, and now we see it with a device that will revolutionize nutrition.

Although conceptualized in 2014, we want to show you a product that FastCoExist says can change the way you approach your dietary routines. Tellspec Scanner is a little device that using a raman spectrometer (a technique used to observing vibrations and frequencies) can determine the exact nutrient values of whatever you are eating.

Intrigued? Confused? So were we.

telspec sensorAs the Tellspec website explains very well, with this little pocket-sized device, you go through a 3-part-system which allows you to properly track your food.

To start off, you have the sensor.

To not bore with you with all the science stuff, all you need to know is that using the technique that we mentioned above, we can determine the “fingerprint” of each food.

This is done by pressing the button you see on the picture while keeping it at close proximity to your meal.

This is then transmitted to your smartphone which uploads the information to the calculation

Since all of this is in the “cloud”, your food information is always available for future use/reference!

After the cloud performs calculations with specific algorithms, it will push back the information to your smartphone. You now have the exact protein, carbs, fat, and caloric value of whatever you plan on eating.

Now. What makes this so different from ordinary mobile applications like MyFitnessPal?

  • How many people do we know with some sort of food allergy? Gluten, soy, wheat, egg?
    • Think of how many people will avoid a horrible allergic reaction by now knowing exactly what nutrients their food contains.
  • How many of you are vegan and doubt your meal every time served at a restaurant?
  • Tellspec provides “relevant information” including food fraud and even food quality.
    • Know if your food has any bacteria, toxins, or anything that is not safe for you to consume.
    • Answer specific questions on the app to find out if you’re allergic or even lactose intolerant.
  • Think about the millions of people so deeply invested in achieving that dream physique, we only see the Tellspec being one step closer to achieving that success.


There are currently 3 different versions, and you can check them out right here! Yes, they are a bit costly; but definitely think about the long run. If it can work for her, it can work for you!happy lady