Kickstarter, the platform where dreams are funded to life. What’s funny is that there are so many different things that exist but we don’t find the need to have them till we actually acknowledge their existence. Curious? These are a few products that we really wouldn’t mind having.

Bluetooth Lock

bluetooth lock

Protect your stuff without being right in front of it!

The Human Charger

human energy charger

This one seems familiar eh? Charge your phone on the go!

Fidget Cube

Fidget cubeStruggling with anxiety? Stress? Leave your nails aside and feast your fingers on this!


There are literally thousands of projects that have started on Kickstarter, and with enough public support (“I want that!“), and public support ($$$$$$$$$), anything is possible.

However, with a lot of good, comes a lot of weird. You know how in a conversation someone says something completely out of nowhere and you go “I can’t believe he just said that!“, well, get ready for a “I can’t believe they funded that!“.


1) 5 O’Clock Shadow

kickstarter project

Tessa Rushton wanted a “functional beard face mask” to keep you warm in times of cold, or “give your face a hug”. The required amount behind this project was only $3000, and they managed to get $3119! To 25 people, it seemed like a financially reasonable idea to invest in a face mask that literally no one will ever wear.



2) Grilled Cheesus

kickstarter project



Look at the picture again. So much for the Last Supper, amirite?

This sandwich press imprints the face of Jesus Christ on your very own sandwich. This is an unusual one but we can’t say we wouldn’t consider it… It DID manage to make a handsome amount of $25,604!


3) The Ostrich Pillow

kickstarter project

Here at IFLSmartGadgets, we are hypocrites (and by we, I mean I am), because I would totally get this.

Take a nap, anywhere, anytime. You don’t even have to move or adjust yourself. Get your face and hands nice and warm, knowing how what required $70,000, ended up getting $195,094 with close to 2000 funders in a MONTH.



4) IllumiBowl Toilet Nightlight

kickstarter projectAre you a guy who has trouble aiming sometimes? Are you a girl who sometimes falls inside the toilet? Are you a little kid who’s fascinated with toilet lights? Or are you a dog who wouldn’t mind some light while drinking toilet water?

If you answered yes for the last question, then please contact us immediately. If not, then this product most definitely seems weirdly appealing to you. What aimed for $20,000 got ~$95,000. People really do need their colorful experiences!

5) Meat Soap

kickstarter project

Ok, ok. We understand your obsession with meat and everything bacon; but this?

It’s literally soap that smells like bacon. Isn’t the essence of bacon to feel dirty and rugged after eating some? Now you’re clean, but .. messy, but still sanitized, but.. the 42 people who raised $1900 for this have some explaining to do.



6) Edible Cups

kickstarter projectHave you ever felt really thirsty, gone up for a glass of cold purified water, to then think “Darn it! All this cold-and-purified-water-drinking has got me quite hungry; but also I am health-conscious and/or vegan! Gaahhh!!!FEAR. NO. MORE.

With the handy dandy “Jelloware”, you can now drink water and even eat a cup that’s biodegradable and VEGAN.


There are way too many more of these weird projects that, weirdly enough, we might actually want at some point of our lives. Who knows, one of those weird projects might even be from us in some future!