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Believe it or not (believe it, we have done our research), the mechanism of dating goes all the way back to 1690, where personal advertisements would appear in British newspapers.

newspaper dating

Following this was the “Happy Families Planning Services” in 1959, which was a series of questionnaires and surveys to match men and women. From here on, the development in dating happened often; more paper questionnaires, online questionnaires, until the 1980s where we finally saw online chat rooms.

chat rooms


Ah, 1995. We finally come to Match.com, the first online dating service. This was followed by the well known JDate, eHarmony, and the scandalous Ashley Madison. After these, frankly we’ve had dating services for all shapes and sizes, colors and religion, and genders and sexual orientation.

Fast forward to 2012 onwards, where all you do is swipe. Yes, we’re talking about the relationship maker, relationship breaker, thumb exerciser, and ego booster (for the ladies, more often than not): Tinder.




As technology advances, so do our dating lives. From simple coffee shop encounters that led to hours of talking on the phone, we are now reduced to a swipe of a thumb with some “attractive” pictures and a few lines to describe you. We are so used to knowing, talking, flirting and fighting through text, that in today’s day a phone conversation seems deviant and one would rather text an entire essay expressing an opinion or a feeling. The social awkwardness, the shyness, the nervous feeling you get when you’re literally talking to someone… specially someone you don’t know.


In the same way that mobile phones started off being massive,

old mobile

then went to being extremely tiny, and now back to the “huuuuuge” with the iPhone 7 plus’ and Samsung Galaxy Note’s, the digital dating world seems to be attempting a comeback at the “less digital” – phone conversations.



Hotline . . bling (don’t tell us you weren’t expecting that).

But in all seriousness, currently available to iOS users and on an invitation basis only (testing purposes); Hotline has added a new (yet old) twist to the online dating world.

With membership costing $9 a month, Mashable writes how Sam Ballantyne, a 27-year-old musician, came up with Hotline after someone he matched with on an OTHER dating app insisted on phone calls instead of messaging. If you think about it, if you’re really interested in getting to know someone, what better than way than to call them?hotline app

Your messages are no longer ignored (and if they are, then that would be one awkward phone call), and you can finally figure out if you’re been catfished or not; unless the guy who claims he’s a girl has a really feminine voice… whoops.

What next!?

After your basic profile creation, there’s the common swiping through profiles but you’re apparently limited to only 3 matches. If you want to add someone new to your pile of 3, you have to replace someone in your current list. Now for the fun part, you’re only allowed to message each other after you’ve had two phone calls that last for more than 5 minutes.

hotline calling

So unless you’re planning on texting someone in the middle of the night,

late night message

get ready for a dating “innovation” (not really an innovation but… you understand). With the way we are so used to texts instead of voice, we aren’t sure how popular this dating app might get but we’re hopeful in a future where relationships are based more on a personal level than on a digital one.

Worst case scenario, if after 2 phone calls you don’t hear back from your match, you know what to hit them with ———


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