It’s been a long week. Some went on cruises, some went to beaches. Others (us) went to Universal Studios and waited hours in line for King Kong.

***** SPOILER ALERT ***** Not worth it. Not even one bit (specially after 3 hours of heat).

While you were off connecting with your loved ones, or off forgetting your loved ones, this has been a busy week in the tech word. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the top updates you should familiarize yourselves with!

1. McDonald’s is upping their game

mcdonald technologyWe all know how annoying it can get to wait in line for someone to just end up ordering a McChicken from the value menu. Mobile Order-and-Pay is now available in 29 stores, and plans on expanding soon. Like any other fast food mobile ordering system, you’d order on the app, head to the restaurant and “check in”. This can make service much quicker, as well as more accurate: “I said NO LETTUCE“.

2. Samsung vs Siri

BixbyThey’ve tried and they’ve failed, but this time it’s for real. Introducing Bixby, available on the Galaxy S8 later this month. Not only can you ask it general questions, but you can also use it to control your apps. “Instead of humans learning how the machine interacts with the world, it is the machine that needs to learn and adapt to us”, said Samsung’s VP. Siri hasn’t figured it out yet, Google Assistant is trying their best, will Bixby be our new favorite?

3. It’s-a Mario!


Speaking of Samsung, Super Mario Run is finally running towards Android operating devices! The reason this took so long was primarily due to Apple and Nintendo’s deal of exclusive access to the game, before any other mobile operating system. In January, 78 million users downloaded Super Mario Run, will Android users beat that number?

4. Work out with Netflix

netflix personal trainerHow many times has a show or a movie appealed so much to you that you decided to stay in bed instead of putting on your sneakers and hitting the gym? You can’t possibly use that as an excuse anymore. Introducing the Netflix Personal Trainer. With a little do-it-yourself, not only are you going to access your building skills, but you will also create your very own “board”. This connects to your phone through bluetooth and monitors your activity level during workouts. If your workout level is below the one you initially set, your music will be paused and your “selected Netflix character” will motivate you. We definitely wouldn’t mind Bojack Horseman motivating us to work out.

5. How to Comment for dummies

news comment

We’ve often seen articles online with a ton of either spam posts, or general hate and honestly nothing important to contribute. A Norwegian Public Broadcaster is looking to change that. They’ve introduced a “three-question multiple choice quiz” about the article that users must pass in order to leave a comment. Your teachers might appreciate this more than you; are you actually reading or just skimming through? One of the editors believes that the few seconds it will take to pass this quiz might actually help readers cool off their emotions before going on a heated rant.

6. iRed

red iphoneApple unveiled a red iPhone 7/Plus (if you bought an iPhone recently, we are terribly sorry for you). This is to celebrate the 10 year partnership between Apple and Red (an organization against AIDS). You can find this limited edition iPhone online and in stores; although we aren’t really sure what “limited” means, since there doesn’t seem to be an expiration date. Along with red delights, Apple also unveiled a new 9.7 inch iPad, which is the cheapest iPad to date ($329 for 32 GB)

Although it doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t, we did find these to be the highlights of last week. So whether you were staying at home and organizing your life, or exploring means of happiness with your friends, we hope you’re at least a bit caught up on the ever-lasting tech news!