Yes, by “exploding” we merely meant entering back into the smartphone industry after their previous “explosion (you figure out what it meant this time).

Samsung Galaxy S8(+)samsung galaxy s8

Let’s admire that display for a second. For the first time in history, Samsung has decided to remove their physical home button. This paves the way for what people are coining as the “Infinity Display”. Pretty neat touch.

As we’ve mentioned in our earlier post, we will finally be able to judge Bixby, Samsung’s new AI assistant. So far there’s been a lot of talk about how Bixby is completely different from fellow AI’s, but time will tell. Apparently, you will not need to adapt to Bixby, Bixby will adapt to you.

Now these following features might seem standard or expected for many Samsung users, but for all of the iPhone and Windows phone users out there, these are sure to temp you:

1) Use your eyes to unlock your phone and access secure folders, instead of only your finger.

eye unlocking

Ever felt you weren’t using your eyes to its full potential? Guess again. One quick glance and you’re in.

2) Your selfies finally have a purpose, other than Instagram.

selfie unlocking

Are your eyes not the problem? Is it …your face in general? No problem. Samsung’s latest features are sure to be a great self esteem booster. Show off that pretty smile to someone at least!

3) Two models: S8 and S8+, both with a bigger and better screen.

2 models

Infinity display coming in clutch here. With so much screen, are we ever going to miss having actual buttons?

4) Wireless charging? Try, faster wireless charging.

wireless charging

We can barely get our iPhone lightning cables to last more than a month. Yet, Samsung feels that your phone isn’t charging fast enough.

5) Desktop like experience… we called it.

desktop like experience

We did, we really did. One of our first posts, actually. Connect your phone to your desktop and surf away. We wonder how Windows is going to react to this.

6) And lastly, what we’re most thankful for…

headphone jack samsung s8

A headphone jack

Samsung hopes people will put the Note 7 debacle behind them after having their hands on this beautiful piece of technology, starting April 21st. Available in Midnight black, orchid gray, and arctic silver, Samsung better be right about this one.

Their latest creation will be up against what many suspect will be called the iPhone 8. This is set to be Apple’s most creative, innovative, and luxurious phone yet; to commemorate their 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Releasing the S8 gives Samsung several months for people to get accustomed to it before comparing the two phones at once. Are you planning on getting it?