It doesn’t happen often. The last time I wrote something nice about Uber feels like forev-

Wait. No. I’ve never really written anything nice about Uber I think – but feel free to correct me.

Uber is making positive changes


No this isn't Uber... but it's a nice picture of a taxi.

So to remember a few negative cases from the past, we have:

  • A series of sexual abuses,
  • Self-crashing self-driving cars,
  • #DeleteUBER
  • And the list goes on (not on this blog post though)

So the question of the year is: What is Uber doing to make these positive changes?

Multiple destinations –

I don’t even need to explain this but I’m oh-so-excited to!

ride sharing uber


There are many-a-times where we leave a party or a late night thing with a bunch of other people, but we don’t always have the same destination.

What then?

We’re forced to either take separate Ubers and collectively add to the surge pricing; split the fare between everyone though some live close and some live horribly far; or one person has to bite the bullet.

I. Hate. Biting. That. Bullet.

Uber has now added the ‘multiple stop feature’ which allows you to add up to 3 different final destinations (preferably nothing like the movies). Uber nicely asks you to spend less than 3 minutes per stop too, I assume they might even start charging if you don’t follow.

This a 100% makes it easier to ride together (so now “ride or die” with that added comfortability). This feature will be available within days!

Uber Credit Card-

uber credit card

Starting November 2nd, you’ll be able to apply for the Uber Visa Card, that comes with its own set of benefits.

  • 4% cash back on dining with no annual fee,
    • restaurants, takeout, bars.
  • 3% cash back on hotel and airlines,
    • even vacations and home rentals
  • 2% cash back on online purchases,
    • Uber, online shopping, video and music streaming services
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases,
    • and rewards for everything else.

Check it out honestly, the list of rewards is immense! The link also comes with a FAQ page so knock yourself out.

Regardless of Uber’s ups and downs and the amount of countries who support it or hate it, Uber is a giant when it comes to ride sharing and based on what I’ve read, I’d definitely take advantage of this card.