If falling over on Rainbow Road wasn’t your first fear in life, did you even Mario Kart?

You read the title right though.

Your favourite racing game with your favourite Italian brothers (unless you’re into other Italian brothers, then you do you) is BACK.

This seems like a pattern doesn’t it? Super Mario Run is now on your iOS and Android (and broke records with over 200 million downloads, albeit after being charged $10 to play anything more than the demo version, the usage of the game dropped significantly).

Pokémon made a giant reappearance. My beloved Animal Crossing was back too.

It was high time Nintendo did something about Mario Kart.

nintendo tweeted about mario kart Unfortunately, not much information about the game has been announced – other than the fact that it would be playable on your phones and tablets.

Mario Kart Tour is set to release at the end of March 2019.