Many might know Steve Sax as a former second baseman in Major League Baseball. He played for the Dodgers, Yankees, White Sox, and even Athletics. I am not like many of you and have no idea this Sax dude ever existed, till I read up on something called BEEamicable.

Where does BEEamicable come from?

So in 2011, Steve Sax and his friends had been through divorces (respectively.. not like a plan they wanted to carry out together). Sax’s initial idea was to help people going through a divorce to communicate, but pivoted, seeing as it would be better if the app helped companies prevent sexual harassment lawsuits.

steve sax

Ergo, this “harassment app” was thought of. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t have the technical expertise – so after recruiting a person or two and amid the rise of the #MeToo movement, Sax believes his app is available at the right time.

What is BEEamicable?

Bee Brave Bee Heard Bee Safe

BEEamicable is a communication tool to empower women and men against the violations of sexual harassment and/or bullying. 

BEEamicable lets you stand up to your harasser –

  • Sending a private and formal letter directly to the harasser to ask them to stop their behaviour.
    • This link is sent privately – meaning that the harasser might never even know who sent it if you so choose.
  • If this escalates or persists, BEEamicable offers you formal printed documented evidence for you to provide to the court and bolster your credibility.

What does this letter look like?

BEEamicable has offered us a sample letter so you know what you’re getting into before purchasing their service.

BEEamicable 1

Does it cost to use BEEamicable?

Yes, unfortunately. It’s $9.00 per month, and $59.00 unlimited for one year. This can be purchased for yourself or for someone else. If you’re a corporation, BEEamicable works for you too. Not only by empowering your employees to speak up against Sexual Harassment, but your HR department will always receive alerts if anyone uses any of the BEEamicable services while at work.

Where can I get this?

You can download it on your iOS and Android devices.

 Personal thoughts on this

So it definitely is a step in the right direction. The world is a business and it’s understandable that someone has tried turning a pressing issue into some sort of profitable (for Sax) solution (for the victim). It’s unfortunate that a man or a woman has to pay someone only to draft a letter to tell a workplace harasser to stop harassing. This is something that could be done either personally, through an employer/HR, or even legally, if afraid.

It’s not guaranteed that this might solve a majority of the cases, but it at least gives a sense of comfort to thousands of work places that go through this unfortunate social disease