Apple Special Event

Apple Watch Series 4 1It’s finally here, boys and girls! Since this event is extremely long with several updates and innovations – I’m going to break it down into two posts. Here’s the Apple Watch Series 4! Have you read about the new iPhones yet?

Apple Watch Series 4

  • The Apple Watch is not only considered the most used smartwatch in the world, but it’s classified as the number one watch in the world.

Apple Watch Series 4 display

  • It comes with a 30% larger screen and a curved display, while still being thinner than the previous Apple Watch series.
  • Before choosing your customizable display, Apple allows you to customize your non-use display as well; giving you multiple options to choose from – including flames, smoke, and others (check picture above).


Apple Watch Series 4 display

  • You can customize your active watch face to include:
    • Speed dials,
    • Multiple clocks (if you’re traveling)
    • or even health details.
  • The Apple Watch Series 4 offers you several new displays that let you track live scores, the stock market, boarding information for your flights, or even your fitness details.


Apple Watch Series 4 processor

This part might be a bit technical, I’m sorry.

  • The Apple Watch comes with a new 64 bit dual core processor – which essentially means a 2x faster performance.
  • The Series 4 has a next generation accelerometer – which samples your data 8 times faster.
  • It has your favourite features, now improved:
    • Swim-proof (yes, you can swim with your Apple Watch on),
    • Bluetooth 5.0,
    • and of course, the watch OS 5.
  • Your speaker is now 50% louder, and the microphone is now on the opposite side of the watch. This helps make phone calls clearer and reduces unnecessary echo.
  • To add on to that, Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 4 design allows for an improved cellular reception as well.

Since you’re obviously wondering “So many features, what’s battery life like?

  • Same 18 hour all day” battery life as in the previous series!


Apple Watch Series 4 health

This is revolutionary – pay attention.

  • One of the leading causes of injuries is… a person falling. The Apple Watch Series 4 can now detect a fall.
  • The Apple Watch identifies certain movements that are characterized as FallTrip, or Slip. The Series 4 identifies these movements through wrist trajectory and impact, and provides an option to initiate an emergency call.
    • It literally asks you to swipe on your screen if you need assistance!
  • If you are unable to respond for one minute (unconscious, pain, whatever reason), The Apple Watch Series 4 alerts authorities for you, in case you are unable to!


Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

  • Regardless of if you have health issues or not (even if you do and are unaware of it), if the Apple Watch Series 4 detects an irregular heart beat rhythm, it will notify you.
  • The Apple Watch now detects your elevated or lower-than-normal heart rate – always keeping tabs on your health, whether you’re working out or not.
  • The smartwatch also introduces an Electrocardiogram feature which is inbuilt into the Series 4 iWatch, known as ECG.
    • This test measures the electric activity of the heartbeat (picture above).


  • At any time and any place, you are able to conduct an ECG test right on your smartwatch, without having to visit a health care physician.
  • The entire process takes up to 30 seconds, where the smartwatches runs extremely fast tests and responds with an appropriate diagnosis.
    • These results are all stored in your Health app which you can even share with your doctor if required!


Apple Watch Series 4 Privacy

  • All your health and fitness data is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, only for you to see and share.


  • The Apple Watch Series 4 will be available in silver, gold, and space grey.
  • It also includes a brand new gold stainless finish.

Apple Watch Series 4 band

  • Have an older iWatch? All band colours and band styles fit any generation of apple watch.

Are you a runner?

  • Nike+ has been optimized with series 4.
    • New nike bands include night time visibility.


There are 2 models being released – one with GPS, and one with cellular functionality.

  • GPS version: $399.
  • Cellular version: $499.

Want the previous smartwatch?

  • Series 3 is now starting at $279 only!

You can order your Apple Watch Series 4 starting Friday, September 14th, and it will be available from the 21st onwards.

The Watch OS 5 will be available on September 17th.