If you’re like me, you probably want to get into boxing classes every time you finish watching a boxing-related movie. 

Yes, I saw Creed 2. Yes, I looked for boxing classes in my area almost instantly.


Introducing: FightCamp

Let’s face it – boxing is expensive, but FightCamp might be a way around that. Announced at this year’s CES 2019, this new training method is designed to let you box from the comfort of your home.

Ignoring the fact that the kit costs $995, it includes the essentials: punching bag, gloves, exercise mat, and even hand wraps with sensors in them.

Now, realizing that we’re in 2019, I’m sure we all have seen or experienced one of those mobile fitness apps with pre-recorded videos for us to “workout on the go“. 

Unfortunately for Android users (for now, anyway), FightCamp provides workouts via its iOS app and syncs with your hand wraps! Literally tracking your every punch, and every calorie burnt, as well as providing accurate readings and evaluations on your workout.

All of these for a lovely monthly subscription of $39.


On more of a personal opinion – this is honestly crazy expensive, but if you’re someone who can put a price tag on comfort (boxing at home), and the ability to learn a very useful skill, then it’s a bargain

On a more musical note (haaa get it?)

house of marley speakers

These House of Marley produced bluetooth speakers have:

  • A 30m wireless range,
  • 8 hour playtime,
  • Google Assistant, 
  • Only $179.99
  • And is even made using actual bamboo! (some of it, anyway)!

Now… how cool would it be to have a punching bag made out of bamboo?