Snapchat CEO speaking

Snap Partner Summit

Similar to major tech companies, Snapchat recently had their very own annual conference, dubbed “Snap Partner Summit“. And boy, let me tell you, a lot was discussed. Remember when Snapchat was all about the thrill of sending one-time-only images and videos? Text that would disappear? Relationships that were destroyed with the publicly visible “Best Friends” tab? (You know what I’m referring to). Anyway, here goes.

Snap Partner Summit: Snap Games

Ey, before I even get in to it, first Google Stadia, then Apple Arcade+, and now Snapchat. Should I work on an IFLSmartGAMES?

Snapchat’s goal has always been to bring people closer through communication – which is why the only logical(?) next step is Snap Games. As you’ll probably have noted in the video, you don’t need to install anything or even pay for any subscription.

Similar to Game Pigeon (on iMessage), all you need to do is click on a button and you and your snap friend(s) can start playing games instantly, with or against each other.

Snapchat Games

Snapchat is launching 6 titles to start off, including:

  • Tiny Royale
  • Snake Squad
  • C.A.T.S. Drift Race
  • Zombie Rescue Squad
  • Alphabear Hustle
  • Bitmoji Party

Here’s an example of the last one:

Update: I’ve played a few of these Bitmoji games and they really are fun!

Snap Partner Summit: Snap Originals

I’ll be honest – I strongly dislike this feature. I have no desire to know what Daniel Hernandez (Tekashi 69) or Danielle Marie Peskowitz (Bhad Bhabie) are up to.

A while back, Snapchat announced “Snap Originals” where they would display original & scripted content, for our viewing pleasures (think of it as a very mobile version of Netflix or Hulu).

Since I don’t want to bore you (or bore myself, to be honest) I’ll cut it short: there’s ten new shows coming that will air pretty soon. That’s… that.

Moving on…

Snap Partner Summit: Snap Lenses

We all know and love lenses, right? Specially the dancing hot dog – who, mind you, follows me on Instagram (or… one of the 10,000 dancing hot dog accounts does, anyway).

We were recently introduced to Snappables too – the filter that lets us play games with our face (which I am terrible at – just ask anyone on my Snapchat).

And now, 2019, introducing the latest: lenses (simply pressing and holding your camera screen) will allow you to immerse yourself in extremely useful features.

Scan a math problem to get the answer, or a product to see results on Amazon. Scan your dog to give her goofy glasses, or a song to see who sings it. Scan the sky to see whales swim over the horizon, or scan your hand to watch butterflies emerge as you open your palm.

This new update might be my favourite from the bunch – I can’t wait to see what you creative souls come up with.

Snapchat Partner Summit: App Stories

OK. I lied. This might actually be my favourite. Before I get into it, Snap Kit is essentially a way for developers to integrate certain Snapchat features to partner applications. You can read more about it here, because I’m here to talk about something more important.

Using Snap Stories (that we have replaced by Insta Stories…), you can now share your Stories to… other apps – whether that’s your Tinder profile, your Houseparty story, or even your trip on AdventureAide.

Tinder will now feature Snapchat stories

Mind you, it’s not only these. There’s a lot more updates under this category, whether it’s:

  • Sharing your current Netflix show on Snap
  • Sharing your latest VSCO image on Snap
  • Using Bitmoji on your Venmo payments (as description… not a form of payment)
  • Or even seeing your Bitmoji on your Fitbit!

You get the point. A lot of (very exciting) changes. Could this be Snapchat returning to the tech-giant it once was?

Also, I guess I should have mentioned it earlier. Feel free to update your Snapchat – these (or most of) features are already available for ya.