WWDC 2019 - iOS 13: Overall Features + Tiny Details 1

Before I get into this, I want you to know that I really spent a lot of time screenshotting and paying attention to this year’s WWDC to bring you the best of information and pictures. So expect a lot of it. And as always, I’ll break it up into various posts.

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“What should we name our next iOS?” “How about iOS 13?”

Mind you, this will be the longest post yet. Let me get the basics out of the way.

iOS 12 installed base (85%) vs Android 9 installed base (10%)
  • iOS has the highest customer satisfaction % in the industry, with a whopping 97%.
  • Currently, 85% of iPhone users have iOS 12 installed. Only 10% of Android users have Android 9 installed.
  • iOS 13 is much faster:
    • Face ID unlocks 30% faster
    • App downloads are 50% smaller
    • App updates are 60% smaller
    • Apps launch twice as fast than in iOS 12


Did I feel a few tears run down my cheeks? Mhm.

WWDC 2019 - iOS 13: Overall Features + Tiny Details 2
WWDC 2019 - iOS 13: Overall Features + Tiny Details 3

Your favourite Apple native apps have been completely redesigned to support dark mode throughout.

Quick Path

Apple Keyboard Swiping ios 13

For those who don’t know any better, the very old Android gesture of “swiping” on your keyboard to form words and sentences instead of individually tapping each key is finally coming to iOS 13. No longer will you need third party apps such as Swift Key to drastically improve your typing experience!

Reminders Redesign

The iOS 13 Reminders app is now more intelligent than ever. Using machine learning, when you type in your reminder, the app will automatically understand what is a location or a date/time.

You can even tap on new icons such as “Getting in Car” which triggers Siri (who knows whenever you get in your car if you have that feature enabled) to remind you about something specific as soon as you get in your vehicle.

You can even tag people in your reminders who will get the notification!

Map Overhaul

iOS 13 Apple Maps update

With over 4 million miles covered, Apple is completely redesigning their Apple Maps by making it more precise and detailed than ever. So much so, that they plan on covering the entire U.S. by the end of 2019… which is right around the corner.

Maps in iOS 13 has new integrated features such as favourites which will allow you to bookmark your favourite locations.

The new binocular feature known as Look Around is Apple’s response to Google’s latest Maps AR, which essentially lets you visit these locations on your map using 3D technology and have you look around. You can even zoom in on certain locations (streets, stores, landmarks).

Sign in with Apple?

WWDC 2019 - iOS 13: Overall Features + Tiny Details 5
WWDC 2019 - iOS 13: Overall Features + Tiny Details 6

We often see the Sign in with Facebook option when accessing websites or apps – but how often has Facebook suffered hacks? Lost passwords? Scandals? Can you afford to risk your privacy more and more each time? Apple’s way around this is with a brand new Sign in with Apple option, which frankly, I love.

Fast, easy, and no more tracking. And when you need to authenticate yourself, simply using Face ID will make sure your login is secure and encrypted. But wait. There’s more.

You know how when you sign in with Facebook, Facebook tells you that x app wants access to some of your personal info? Name? Email? Apple found a way around that too.

You can now hide your email from companies you don’t want to share your email with. iOS 13 allows you to create a fake email that will forward all company emails to your real email. This way, you still get the company’s emails but they never actually have your actual email. Want to unsubscribe? Simple. That fake email doesn’t exist anymore. Want to subscribe to another company? Apple creates another fake email that will forward to yours. Isn’t this brilliant?


You know how sometimes you get (non spam) texts but you don’t have the person’s number or contact info saved so you’re just like… “new phone, who dis?

iOS 13 lets you control what information you want to share every time you message someone – whether it’s a display picture, a Memoji, or your name. Note, this information is only visible to the receiver if you allow it.


This honestly explains it better than I ever could but essentially your Memojis can now be customized even more. Make up, facial accessories, etc.

If that wasn’t enough, Apple wants to put their foot inside the Sticker Door as well, introducing their very own line of Memoji stickers and Memoji emojis (that’s a lot of moji).

iOS 13 example of memoji stickers and emojis

These stickers and emojis are generated automatically. Though you can only create a Memoji if you have one of the later iPhones (iPhone X onwards), all your iDevices will be able to edit and use these.


Since iOS 13 is a software update and not a hardware one, the camera has not magically improved. However, the editing has.

Portrait light has been upgraded – now you can control the level of lighting, make it as bright or dark as you need. As far as pictures go, check out how many new edits are available, you don’t even need Instagram’s editing anymore.

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced video editing. This is massive because we’re not only limited to “trim” anymore. Edit the exposure, tint, highlights, temperature, noise reduction, and you can finally rotate videos!

There’s a new Photos app too.

New photos app ios 13

Your main folder of photos is now composed of Years, Months, Days, or All Photos.

Here’s the fun part. Say you’re in the Year tab going through thumbnails of years, and every year you attended my birthday party and took pictures there. The intelligent iPhone will show you my birthday party pictures as a “cover” for all years. Take a look:

In the first example, the iPhone owner attended WWDC every year. In the second, his kid’s birthday party every year. Machine learning in your phone even automatically deletes duplicates and organizes your pictures for you.


Now when you receive a text message and you have your AirPods in…

And you never even have to reach your phone.

Siri is smarter than ever and more capable:

  • The new Audio Sharing feature lets you to simply bring your iPhone closer to another one and share whatever audio you’re listening to. If you’re listening to music on your phone and want to continue bopping when you get home, simply use Apple’s Hand Off feature to pass the aux from iPhone to your HomePod without any interruption!
  • Taking it one step further, HomePod recognizes who in the family is talking to it and can personalize the response – i.e. if I tell the HomePod to play music, it will play music she knows that I listen to.

Car Play has gotten much more useful too:

  • With over a 100,000 radio stations from all around the world
  • You can finally have your music dashboard right next to your maps and smart suggestions next to that
  • There’s a new calendar app
  • Siri now works with Pandora and Waze

And one of the latest Siri advancements, which mind you is fascinating, is that Siri’s voice is now 100% computarized, and doesn’t sound like an awful robot.

Availability and other features

Boy, I’m honestly tired of writing at this point. I can’t imagine you’re still reading. But if you are, here are some other, less talked about, but crazy fascinating features.

  • The “sharing” feature on iOS 13 has drastically improved. Your iPhone understands who you send attachments to most often and how – allowing you to simply tap on the contact’s display.
  • Similar to the feature I mentioned in the new tvOS 13, iOS 13 will provide realtime lyrics to your Apple Music songs too.
  • There are apps that constantly have our location, well, not anymore. You can have certain apps request your location once and then re-request permissions every time they want to access that data.
    • You will even get reports on which apps are constantly trying to get your location.
    • Some apps track your location with Bluetooth, but Apple is putting a stop to this.
  • Battery Optimization: Say you charge your phone overnight, every night. It’s known that Apple products don’t overcharge, but why should your iPhone stress your battery at a 100% until you finally wake up and use your phone? The new optimized battery switch will let your iPhone understand what time you usually wake up and charge your phone accordingly. I.E. If you charge your phone overnight and always wake up at 9:00 am, your phone will charge it till 80% until (for example) 7:30 am, and continue the rest of the 20% until 9:00 am!
  • You will now be able to select WiFi networks or bluetooth devices from your Control Center instead of going all the way to settings.
  • A new “Low Data” mode for people who i.e. tend to be in areas with low cell reception, turn low data mode on to avoid using data unnecessarily and just wait till you leave that area.
  • Redesigned volume HUD for it to not take up 1/3 of the screen when you increase or decrease volume.
  • Dark mode in Safari websites.
  • And so, so, so much more.

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