Club (no more) Penguin

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We've seen games get popular and eventually "fade away", but we don't expect all to fade away, not when they've formed such a huge part of our teenage life.

Before introducing this post, we want to take a few minutes to reminisce. We want to remember all the funny times, the disturbing times, and the thousands of bans that happened in Club Penguin (we excuse the foul language before hand!).

club penguin funny

Bad Jokes

club penguin funny


club penguin funny


club penguin funny

Fat Shaming

club penguin funny


club penguin funny

Alexa, where can I bury bodies?
club penguin funny
Club Penguin players weren’t too big on homosexuality

club penguin funny

Intro to “The Return of the Red Penguin”

Frankly, we could literally fill up this post with about 50 more pictures of this wonderful, youth-filled game of our lives. Alas, everything good has to come to an end (except our quality posts, right?).

According to popular sources such as RTTNews, TechCrunch, Kotaku, and others, Disney’s online multiplayer game will soon come to an end due to (get this) – WEAK TRAFFIC. Who knew that such a popular game of our times would eventually boil down to “weak traffic”. Kids these days are too entertained by the Call of Duty’s, Battle Field’s, and FIFA’s, to be interested in the classic befriending of strangers of different ages online while disguised in the form of penguins. Weird.

Since their 200 million peak in 2013, Club Penguin has seen a fast decline. Although not to today’s young teens, the older kids now do feel a hint of sadness. We know we do.

Don’t fear, for all is not lost. Disney has announced that although Club Penguin is now Club Forgotten (they did not say that), they are in the works of releasing “Club Penguin Island”, for which you can pre-register right here!

club penguin island

Unfortunately, your old details including: penguin, house, items, coins, nothing really transfers to this new game; but Disney promises a lot of fun. You can have friends, dig the latest fashion, go on adventures, try food (“the stinky cheese”), and tons more entertainment. All coming to you this March!club penguin protestLet’s hope Habbo Hotel isn’t up next.

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  1. What!? That’s crazy, I didn’t even know that Club Penguin and Habbo were still around. I remember playing these games when I was in Middle School and now I’m 23 haha.

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