Grocery shopping just got a whole lot more fun…

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Amazon Go has FINALLY launched! But it seems that there might be a few flaws that you can take advantage of.... ***(I do not condone stealing)***

Amazon Go

If you’re one of my old readers, you’ll remember that almost exactly one year ago I wrote about Amazon Go.

For those who aren’t aware, Amazon Go was a soon-to-be-launched concept idea where people would be able to grocery stop… without ever interacting with any other human.


Yeah. You read that right.

This technology-filled local grocery store has the ability for you to never form any lines. If you’re not gasping or covering your eyes in astonishment, let me rephrase that.

Imagine going to a grocery store without ever having to form checkout lines. A grocery store where you could walk in and walk out with the X amount of products you wanted, without ever making everyone behind you wait when you’re struggling to put the change back in your wallet.

amazon go

Amazon launched its first Amazon Go in San Francisco this month and guess what! There were lines formed outside the store, but none inside (does this defeat the purpose)?

To read in detail about my Amazon Go article last year, definitely click on this link to catch up.

Assuming you already have read that: Linus Tech Tips filmed a great video of their entire experience but found one flaw.

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