Ladies, here’s your perfect bra

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I can't say I identify with my own post, but if you use bras, I'm sure you will.

Research has it: most of my readers are men. And that’s fine, I get it –but I think I have something that the ladies might want to get in (this is a pun, it’ll make sense in a minute).

soma smart bra

Imagine a perfect world where you wouldn’t have to try on a million different bras to find the perfect fitting one.

Don’t say this isn’t a thing because I know it is (…or thats what sitcoms have taught me). I also understand how frustrating this might be.

Soma, a company that specializes in women’s clothing, is bringing something as common and ordinary as Bluetooth… to the bra world.


The Somainnofit (bra) was made specifically to help women figure out their exact bra size by…. get this, actually putting the bra on.

soma smart bra

The whole essence of the Somainnofit is that it connects to an app on your phone (which you have to download . . . obviously), that calculates your exact bra measurements.

For you to have a better idea – the Somainnofit is stretchy (like a sports bra) with several mini sensors inside (that do the calculating for you). The catch is that it incentivizes you to buy Soma products – but at least you know your exact measurements, yeah?

Just remember one thing – this isn’t a “one-use bra“; imagine the amount of possible uses. Weight changes? That time of the month? Pregnancy? Plastic surgery? Imagine having to struggle finding your right size each time. No more.

The Somainnofit usually goes for $59.00, but as of NOW it’s only $25.00 (I think that’s a good price? I have no idea, really) – and also, you get $25 off a full-price bra if you purchase this right now.

The iPod is making a comeback… maybe

iPod touch

According to 9to5, but also according to Macotakara, Apple might be making a newer iPod. This is understandable… seeing how the last iPod was released in 2015, and the iPod nano and iPod shuffle aren’t even being made anymore.

Personally? I don’t see it. Once I got into the iPhone (or ANY other smartphone for that matter), it seems almost pointless to own a device only for music. What is this? 2006?

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