New year… new Facebook

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Facebook says: "The future is private". But is that future Facebook?

Time to leave it up to … F8

Facebook f8 event

You would have 100% laughed more if you knew that F8 is Facebook’s annual developer conference. I’m funny, I swear.

But long story short: F8 is Facebook’s 5,000 person, 2-day-long way of telling you what all “new” and “improved” they have going on for them (think of it as Apple’s WWDC?).

Now, since this is a long ordeal, I’ve summed up the highlights for you in the hopes that you’ll go back to using Facebook, and my Facebook shares will actually be worth something in the (near) future.

F8 #1: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger desktop app.

Not only is Messenger set to be faster and more reliable (which I don’t think many of us care as much for), but it will apparently let you watch videos with people you’re texting with, at the same time.

Most of us use Messenger on our phones or the couple times we login through our laptops, but Facebook thought to take this a notch higher: a Messenger Desktop app. Available for Windows and MacOS, you’ll be able to use this app to chat, conduct video calls, or even collaborate on projects together. Neat-o!

Are you a business? If so, Messenger is said to soon include an “appointment experience” which will let customers book appointments through a Messenger conversation with you!

F8 #2: Facebook

Facebook Redesign

Facebook (fb5) redesign

You might have already seen these changes on your mobile app, but Facebook’s compleeeetely changing the way they look (or a big chunk of it, anyway). This new redesign aims to help you get to places faster, but honestly they are doing their best to get you to your Groups and Events in a smoother way.

If that wasn’t enough, we might even see a “dark mode” on this web layout. And yes, Facebook has yet another logo.

Facebook Dating

You’ve already heard of Facebook’s dating feature… haven’t you? Well, if you haven’t: Facebook Dating is Facebook’s way of making friends fall in love with … friends. Their latest feature is known as “Secret Crush” and this one might actually appeal to you.

Facebook's Dating app featuring "Secret Crush"

I can’t be the only one who has had massive crushes on friends without them even knowing. Facebook’s Secret Crush allows you to select up to 9 of your Facebook friends that you lowkey like. If your secret crush has this feature enabled, they’ll be able to select their crushes too. If both of you happen to like each other, both of you will be notified. But if you like this mystery person and they never like you back, safe to say they’ll never know and you won’t feel embarrassed in social gatherings. Use responsibly!

F8 #3: Instagram

Instagram presented on F8

In an ideal world, creators would be able to sell their stuff on their Instagram page without having to send the user to any website. . . and that ideal world is now. Instead of “link in bio!”, you will soon be able to buy your content creator’s products on the spot!

And if you’re into charity work, you can now add a “donation sticker” in your stories, making the whole donating process far more smooth.

Now, these are the main “visible” changes, but Facebook went behind the scenes on a whole lot more.

We know how bad Facebook has had it in the past few years (rightfully so). Billions of dollars in fines, hatred from people and governments, and basically a whole storm of consequences to poor decisions. Which is why they’re strongly standing by their new motto “The Future is Private“. Will this be enough?

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