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Play Disney Parks is a new Disney app for iOS and Android that offers mini games, trivia, and interactive entertainment while waiting in the never-ending Disney lines!

I must confess, I didn’t have the Disney magic in me up until a couple of weeks ago where I celebrated my birthday watching the Fireworks Show at 9 pm.

However, I think both of us can agree that the worst thing about any amusement park is: waiting in lines.

Sure, we might have a fast pass or two and it’s swip swap swoop all the way through! But then come Universal Studio’s Harry Potter and Animal Kingdom’s Pandora and eeeeeerrbody wants to wait in lines.

Play Disney Parks

It seems almost like kismat that the moment I left Disney, the staff thought “Hey, Prithvi’s gone. Let’s make waiting in lines FUN!”

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that the designers at Disney do a great job entertaining us with the architecture, the visuals, the graphics and other fun decorations while we wait.

However, sometimes lines are just too long and there’s only so much you can be entertained with.

play disney park

Launched on June 30, this free-to-download app was designed for families and guests to enjoy alone, or together, while waiting in the countless lines all around Disney!

Once you select the park you’re visiting, the Play Disney Parks app presents a series of mini-games related to specific rides or areas of the park.

Although not really challenging, these games serve as a temporary distraction (specially in the summer – believe me when I tell you that you haven’t witnessed heat unless you’ve waited in line for 2 hours under Orlando’s blazing hot June sun).

Of course, you can track your scores and compete with your friends, or even others waiting in line with you.

play disney park


Although I refuse to hear, sing, or learn any Disney song, we all know that Disney music is one of the most appreciated things by every Disney lover out there.

Disney has even partnered with Apple Music to allow guests to access all of the Disney songs through Apple Music (even when driving towards the parks to get you hyped!)

Discover hidden gems, play interactive and ride-specific games, or listen to Disney music while you enjoy the oh-so-exciting lines.

Play Disney Parks truly might make waiting in lines fun again (as if they ever were).

Play Disney Parks is available for download NOW on your iOS and Android devices! Remember that to use this app at the park, you will need data connection (or wifi) and bluetooth for the interactive games.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a trailer

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