Ready for CES 2018?

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You know how we look forward to Apple Keynotes? Well.. Imagine an event where multiple companies come together to show you their latest and more innovative gadgets. This is CES 2018.


Now that that’s out of the way.

I’ve spoken about CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in a few posts last year. One of them was the world’s first notebook with a curved display (and might I add: pretty heavy).

Another decent gadget was the Tellspec Scanner – a device that can determine the exact nutrient values of whatever you’re eating. Can you imagine how handy that would be for people with all sorts of food allergies?


What’s next?

CES 2017 brought on a lot of innovative gadgets that ended up being very commonly used in our day-to-day. This global stage of tech innovation paves the way for many big and small tech companies to expose their master pieces.

The question is: what can we expect in 2018?

Smart Cars

smart carWe’ve seen connectivity play a big part in what we know as “smart cars” now. Cars that can connect to your phone so you have your notifications at all times, parking locations, map integrations, and all that fun stuff.

Self driving cars lead to many conversations around the globe as we saw more and more companies getting involved in them, as well as self-driving-uber-crashes. Tesla is making moves though – is it safe to be very excited about that?


TV'sMajor social outlets claim that Samsung, LG, and other firms are going ahead and launching huge 4k and 8k TVs. Imagine that for a second… razor thin 4K TVs next to 8k TVs. Do you even HD?

Virtual Reality

magic leapWearables are going to be massive in 2018 – you read it here first.

With the Oculus Rift and Samsung VRs of the past, gadgets like the Magic Leap which combine augmented and mixed reality are literally going to rock your world (or maybe just freak you out a little bit at first).

January 7th to January 12th

Save the date, why don’t you?

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