Where is iPhone 9?

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Regardless of mixed opinions, all the previous iPhones have had success at some point - can we expect the same of iPhone X?

“7 ate 9”. I’m sad I didn’t create this wonderfully terrible joke.

I hope you’ll enjoyed the iPhone 8 review – but now it’s time to talk about what we all want to know:

iPhone X

You probably must have figured out by now that I’m #teamApple all the way. So when you or your friend said: “OMG I’m SO excited for the iPhone X!!!” You’re wrong because you weren’t half as excited as I was and for some reason that makes you wrong. That being said, let’s slide right into some of its features.

iPhone X

How do I go home?

Yeah. It’s all screen. Apple has officially removed their beloved home button. Since swiping is our favourite millennial thing to do, you can do it even more on the iPhone X. This 5.8 inch super retina screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes”. Apple is very cheesy.

With great screens, comes great protection

Each time Apple says that their screens are unbreakable because they use sophisticated types of glass, but my wallet is proof that that is FALSE. On that note, Apple claims that this is the most “durable glass” ever to be placed on a smartphone. Along with stainless steel, this does sound like it might be very comfortable in your hand, or in your pocket.

Wireless Charging + Waterproof

water proof iphone x

I mentioned this in my iPhone 8 review, and if you haven’t read it yet, then you better have a very good excuse (“I didn’t want to” is fine too). The fact that this feature has finally come to the iPhone – and I say finally because Android phones have had it since a while – is lame but also extremely cool.

And yeah, it’s waterproof.

TrueDepth Camera — Face ID

iphone x face id

We can’t deny they’ve gone all out with this camera. Equipping it with so much technology, in such little space. And our favourite part – Face ID.

Yes. I’m sure you’re thinking “Hey! I read your post a few months ago about Samsung and their Face ID mechanism” – you’re right, and thank you for remembering. Apple has removed Touch ID and introduced Face ID for it to be even easier for other people to unlock your phone. The TrueDepth camera analyzes “30,000 invisible dots” on your face – crazy.

Their fancy “A11 Bionic Chip” is basically the best thing in the world and regardless of how you look – the beard you grow – the make-up you apply, the iPhone X will recognize you …though it didn’t recognize this guy

Other features

Animoji is a fan favourite – using TrueDepth analysis, you basically have snapchat filters in your iPhone camera.

Portrait mode allows you to customize your selfies like a professional photographer, allowing you to be even more obnoxious.

Clips – a free app that lets you create videos with text, graphics, effects, and more.

DUAL 12 MP camera which looks absolutely beautiful. It’s an undeniable fact that (and take your “SAMSUNG HAS A BETTER CAMERA” complaints somewhere else) the iPhone can produce some wonderful photos. The amount of work Apple has put into the iPhone X’s camera just further improves that.

iOS 11 – If you haven’t read about this when I first tried the beta version, then do you even Apple?

Verdict … … …

iphone X

Being Apple’s best iPhone (although they say that each time a new iPhone comes out), we did have very high expectations. The iPhone X has some great features – Face ID is sure to be loved by everyone, and a bigger screen without buttons will always be appreciated (though many will miss the home button).

I am not the biggest (or even the smallest, really) Samsung fan out there, but I do like the Samsung s8 a lot. Now if that phone was powered by iOS, I truly don’t know if I’d prefer the iPhone X or the Samsung s8.

To clarify, I really like the iPhone X – and if I could, I would most definitely purchase it; but is it worth it?

I find the iPhone 8 to be much more convenient to have. It’s almost everything the iPhone X is, but with a home button and without the multitool camera.

Let’s not forget how the iPhone X costs $999 (and you very well know you’ll be charged way more than that for some un-understandable reason). For that money, you could literally get a Macbook Air which would last you way more than any phone.

Do I like it? YES.

Do I want it? I think I can wait for the next best iPhone.

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