You thought 8K TVs were the only big thing in 2019?

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Ever thought of talking to your TV? Or asking it to... "roll up"?

Hey. Before I get into this – see the little audio clip above this? I’ve found a way for you to listen to my posts instead of reading them if you ever wanted to multitask. Feel free to let me know what you think of it!

I’m about to list the major displays and monitors you can expect in 2019 … or at least the ones I was interested in. Don’t be greedy.

1. LG’s ultrawide monitor

LG ultrawide monitor
I had to shrink the image because the monitor is really ultra… wide.

The LG 49WL95C (yeah, maybe the name won’t stick though) is LG’s latest 49-inch, ultra-wide monitor.

For the geeks out there, 32:9 Dual QHD Display, HDR 10, 2 x 10W Stereo Speaker, Ambient Light Sensor, and much more really. For the non-geeks out there, it’s a very long screen. 

Geared towards the multitaskers (so every woman in the world… and like 4 guys), this monitor really does appeal strongly to those wanting to be more productive. No more double displays, just one wide monitor for you to simultaneously work on multiple things, on a single screen.

Fun features: you can connect external hardware (laptops) to this screen through USB-C; you can split screen; there’s automatic brightness control.

2. Samsung’s The Wall

Samsung The Wall
Cue Trump joke. 

Although Samsung has announced a tinier version for people’s homes (75 inch 4K resolution), this 34-foot movie theatre screen is an absolute beast.

Not only have they incorporated better LED displays (= colour & resolution), the HDR quality allows for the most accurate of displays.

A really cool feature about The Wall is that you can actually customize it according to your needs (that means, anything from one giant screen, to multiple different parts!). I can’t tell you the price of it yet (because I don’t really know it) but you can pre-order it if you want to find out.

And now that we’re on the subject of Samsung TVs…

Samsung’s newest TVs will work with intelligent helpers! (Google Assistant and Alexa). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to yell out at the TV as much as you’ll have to speak into the remote control – sort of like the Amazon Fire Stick. And that being said, the 2019 Samsung TVs will also have iTunes and Airplay on them (for those who honestly still use iTunes).

3. LG’s Rollable OLED TV

LG Rollable OLED TV
Yes. It literally rolls up when you want to use it.

The LG OLED65R9PUA, (WHAT IS WITH THESE NAMES @LG) packed with Google Assistant and Alexa (as well), really wants you to “roll into the future“. I know I’m generally the author of bad jokes but this was all them.

Their biggest appeal is being able to maximize your living space (which my mother will surely love) by using this “luxury home cinema” that rolls up when you want to watch something.

  • When all the way down – you have a rich sounding, Dolby Vision powered speaker.
  • When slightly rolled up – “Line View”. Just a hint of screen, for you to choose between music, clock, frame, mood, lighting, or home dashboard!
  • When all the way rolled up – “Full View” to provide that realistic imagery. And get this – you can literally command it to roll up or down (hint: with your voice).

There’s more TVs and displays, obviously. But these are the ones that most blew me away. 

Jabra Elite 85h

Jabra headphones

Remember when all we had to brag about were the latest Beats by Dr. Dre?

The Jabra Elite 85h ($299) might be the best you can get in 2019. Using “SmartSound” these headphones can analyze the noise around you and automatically adjust your audio between:

  • Commute
  • In Public
  • In Private

No longer do you have to struggle to hear your music and keep controlling that volume button! 

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