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How many times have you ordered something off of Amazon but nobody was home to receive it? But wait... what if your door could open on its own?

Ok. This is a brand new level of wow, so bear with me.

Before I get into this, I want to relate to you guys that once upon a time I purchased a TV from Walmart online… and I came home from class at 5 pm and my TV was LITERALLY OUTSIDE my APARTMENT DOOR.

Anyone could have taken it and left, but we live in a world full of nothing but honest men and women #phew.

Amazon Key

I’m sure many might have come across similar situations – or even having your package taken back because no one was home, or left at reception and you’re too lazy to pick it up.

This is where Amazon decided to have the great idea of Comfort over Privacy. Now before I go into steps, please note that having this luxury comes with a price. $249 to be exact.

This comes with the new little Amazon Cloud Cam (key edition), indoor security camera, and a smart lock.

Step 1

amazon key step 1

Essentially, at checkout you select “Free in home delivery” and once this does take place, Amazon unlocks your door for you. What a crazy world we live in, eh?

Step 2

amazon key step 2You’re constantly notified of this process through the Amazon Key app. When the delivery comes, and when the delivery person goes.

Step 3

amazon key step 3

You can actually be a creep and watch this delivery happen in real time, or see the recorded version on your nifty little camera later.

Now I’m sure that many are impressed with this, but there’s more.

Amazon Key grants access to people you trust. Let this be a family member, your dog walker, your psychologist, or even guests. You can schedule their arrival and you’ll be notified every time they lock or unlock your door!

Now if you have a pet at home, specially a dog, this might be a LITTLE difficult for the poor delivery person.

Think about this for as second. Every day we’re letting more and more technology control our lives. Whether it’s a smart home device who’s always listening to you, a door lock that can lock and unlock on its own… and the best part is, if anything goes haywire and you’re being robbed, you can watch it in HIGH DEFINITION!!!

To subscribe to this service, you have to be a Prime member. But honestly now, it’s 2017. If you aren’t a prime member yet, do you even Amazon, br0?

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