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We're used to fat and old Dell laptops (or at least I am). So for them to come out with a lightening fast, thin, and powerful laptop is really shocking. But is it really as impressive as they say? Read my review on the Dell XPS 13!

If you don’t know me for my great puns, you don’t know me at all. The Dell XPS 13 is Dell’s latest creation and the smallest 13 inch laptop in the world.

notebook xps 13

Released right before the CES 2018, Dell has let go of their brick-like laptops of the previous century and gone into the thin, light, and fast.

Dell XPS 13

After reading up a little on this slick new device, I noted a few similar features to Apple (along with a few of their own). With a camera in the lower center of the display, you can unlock your Dell with your head, but also with a fingerprint reader now.

With a starting price of $999, let’s take a moment to consider if having a webcam on the bottom of your screen is better than having it right on top…

With claims that it’s the “most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class“, it’s competing against our favourite MacBook’s and Surface’s. The Dell XPS 13 comes with a 19-hour battery, and multiple versions as far as hard drive and RAM go.

How is it similar to Apple?

When I say thunderbolt, I’m sure half of you think of MacBooks and not actual thunder bolts. Not only that addition, but Dell XPS 13 also comes with USB-C ports (including the charger itself!). We’ve seen this pattern in the MacBooks released 2016 onwards, since having USB-C instead of the universal USB Type-A we’re used to, saves up on a lot of space.

I guess one positive in all this copying is that Dell actually went ahead and threw a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box. This¬†literally saves you $30 (or in some cases… even $100).¬†Other nifty features it comes with are the headphone jack and microSD slot (who uses normal SD cards anymore?)


Colours available? Black/silver and white/rose gold (don’t quote me on this, but they might even be more attractive on these laptops than on the MacBook’s).

What’s cool about it?

OKAY, I did find one or two impressive things other than the USB-C to USB-A adapter.

  • There are 2 screen options: 1080p or 4K (also touchscreen if you’re into that). One important point on this which should be obvious… do NOT drop this laptop.
  • The webcam is on the bottom which is peculiar, not sure I love it but I’m sure I could grow to appreciate it.
  • If I weren’t already so in love with Apple and my MacBook Pro, I’d appreciate the USB-C and fingerprint scanner. Too late, Dell.

All in all this is a pretty sweet and impressive upgrade for Dell. My mother has one of those bricks she calls a laptop and it happens to be Dell, and if people can buy those, I’m sure they’ll like the XPS 13.

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