Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy Fold

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From keys, to touch. From one display, to foldable. The future of phones is here.

There has been a lot of Samsung talk lately… but rightfully so. Samsung just held their Unpacked 2019 event where they showcased their best and newest devices which are soon to be in your hands (if you can afford them, that is).

Unpacked # 1: The Galaxy Fold

It’s here. It’s finally here. Remember the (extremely) old video they had released at one point? I even blogged about it. But darn it, it’s finally here.

Like always, I don’t want to bore you with fancy tech specifications, so let me tell you what you want to know.

  • The screen is huge: 7.3″ when unfolded, and 4.6″ when folded. For reference, the iPhone XS Max is 6.5″.
  • Camera…  (a few of them, anyway)
    • A 10MP selfie camera (so yes, VERY good selfies).
    • 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-Angle Camera, 16MP Ultra Wide Camera (you can go ahead and leave your DSLR at home).
  • As opposed to the earlier Samsung models, this won’t have a microSD slot. It does have 12GB RAM however, with 512 internal storage (feel free to download all your Spotify music for offline playback).
Samsung Galaxy Fold

This new-phone-concept allows you to use a folded version for your daily use, and an unfolded version for maximizing the resolution (or what Samsung refers to as “app continuity“) and multitasking – letting you use up to 3 apps at the same time.

The Galaxy Fold will be available in a few different interesting colours (green/yellow, blue, silver, black) starting April 26th. “What’s the downside?” you ask? Hm.. Oh! Yes. You know how we’re all complaining that the new iPhones cost $1,000? Yeah, about that… the Galaxy Fold is $1,980. But hey! It FOLDS!

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