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What if you had to pay to use the web? Pay to access Google, Amazon, Netflix and your favourite websites? What if the Internet was about to end?

No but like actually, we need to save it.

Old time IFLSG followers might remember this article where I spoke about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and how they created a new set of privacy rules where your broadband providers were required to ask for your permission before collecting your data (browsing history, application usage, etc).

However, our favourite American President basically went “PSYCHHHHHH“, and from that point forward, your information could be sold through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Big companies went “FO FI FUM” (isn’t that a jack and the beanstalk reference?) to “fight the power” but democracy isn’t much of a democracy in the modern era.

What is “Net Neutrality”?

net neutrality

Net Neutrality is essentially the ability for you to be a 100% you, whenever you surf the web.

The concept of Net Neutrality is what doesn’t let ISPs (AT&T, Verizon..) modify your web experience (ads, speed, limiting your access to certain websites, or applications). It’s what lets you be completely in control of your internet usage.

Ajit Pai

This dude.. who happens to be the FCC chairman.. and Indian (I’m so embarrassed).. wants to destroy your online freedom.

ajit pai

So think about the possible consequences for a second.

You know how in Disney you get the “fast pass” and you skip lines and either feel bad or very good about yourself? Well, without Net Neutrality, ISPs will be able to charge for “fast lanes” which they can’t really do now, as explained by Forbes. Small companies may eventually die out while the beasts (Netflix, Google) might have to spit out even more of their cha-ching.

In the same way that we have package deals for special TV channels, or even your monthly subscription to Netflix and Hulu… imagine a very possible world where we now need to subscribe to package services to use our Google’s and Facebook’s, or paying a monthly fees for AT&T to not let you have the slowest internet connection possible.

So the next time you open your “online business” and finally manage to pick up some traffic and have people visit your e-commerce where you create fancy logos for people at a price, just keep in mind that your ISP might charge you to even have your website online.

What can you do?

save the internet

Honestly… not much.

In 3 weeks the future of the internet will be decided (at least in the United States). However, as BattleForTheNet mentions, “Congress can put a stop to all of this”.

That’s all really. Letting Congress know how important this is so that you can watch your shady online videos whenever you want, without letting Verizon or Comcast charge you for still being weird.

Fill out forms. Call people. Raise awareness. Join the Battle.

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