What the Ford!?

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With so much going on, it seems that innovation is scarce. Ford begs to differ - coming up with advancements that will improve your impression of them.

You read that right. Ford has been busy.

Really busy

Electrifying Hybrids

new ford car

Ford has recently introduced industry’s first ever pursuit-rated hybrid police car. By investing a racking $4.5 billion US dollars, they plan on introducing 13 new electric vehicles globally in the next 5 years. These include F-150 Hybrid, Mustang Hybrid, and more.

By being a leader in electrified vehicles, we remain committed to delivering cars, trucks and SUVs that are better not only for our customers, but for the environment and society as well” – Joe Hinrichs.

These super cars can handle intense pursuits, even through “flooded intersections and over curbs”, at different speeds and over several obstacles. These V6 engined beasts will conserve up to 0.27 gallons of fuel per hour, saving ~$3,900 yearly in fuel costs.

Pros? Prolongated street patrolling without contaminating the environment; high speed chases equipped for unforeseeable events; and with the high amount of police vehicles already being Fords, that’s a lot of goodness.

Cons (for some)? Well. Expect many more cops on the street.

Sleeping Baby



Remember how when we were young (or still, for many of us), long rides in a car would get us sleepy? Regardless of speed bumps, traffic, or empty highways, falling asleep in the car is one of life’s guilty pleasures – except for when you’d finally arrive to your destination, i.e., not your bed.

Well, Ford in Spain has worked side by side with Espadaysantacruz Studio. The latter is a “creative studio in Madrid, that develops interactive and audiovisual experiences”. Both companies have come together to create the perfect scenario for your baby (oops, this part of the article is for the parents) to fall asleep.

motor dreams cribJust like us when we were young(er), babies are even more prone to falling asleep in a car; and thus, we have the “Motor Dreams” crib.

Essentially, this little gadget features an engine’s sound, a bit of traffic simulated movement, and even nifty little lights that represent a common street. Since everything is linked to our phones in today’s day, so is the Motor Dreams crib. Control your baby’s car-like experience while they fall asleep!

“Alexa, ask My Ford Mobile to start my car”

If there’s one AI that’s advancing rapidly (we are yet to see what all Bixby can do), it’s Amazon’s Alexa. Recent Ford cars come with a virtual assistant that has been linked up with the Alexa software. Now you can find detailed information about your car, without having to physically see your car.

Although expected in January, it’s finally here. Stop or start your car engine, lock and unlock doors, check tire pressure, and even check your fuel levels by simply giving your Alexa powered device a few simple commands. Eventually, we expect this to be much more elaborate. Alexa should be equipped enough to find establishments, play music, check news, and even fidget with common car appliances (heater, lights, thermostat).

All in all, we’re glad to see the amount of positive changes coming Ford’s, and our, way. We can only see a future where all it takes is “Alexa, chase that car

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