2017: Now everybody is fidgeting

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It's funny how new things create new habits. If you weren't fidgeting before, we promise you're definitely going to start now.

Welcome to the 21st century, where…

…everyone has to be politically correct as to not offend anyone;

…we have artificial intelligence turning our lights on and off instead of taking 4 steps to do it ourselves;

…we rather have huge and oddly shaped devices on our head to walk on streets, instead of actually . . . walking on the street.

And now, the whole world is going crazy for a gadget that controls our fidgeting needs, only by making us – wait for it – fidget some more.

If you JUST got accustomed to flipping bottles, we feel bad for you. That’s SO last year.

fidget toysFor all your anxious needs, we now have fidget toys.


Welcome to the new age

If you’re unaware of what these fidget gadgets are, you’re already behind. If you’re an avid IFLSG follower (please, please, please!), you’ll know that a while ago we mentioned this little device called the “fidget cube”.

This was created by two guys on Kickstarter to help with anxiety and stress. You could click buttons, play with a joystick, flip a switch, and more; all in a tiny little cube. The hype for this was so intense, that they are still delivering orders created in December/January.

In this line of fidget toys, there’s another one that has grabbed the attention of more people than we’d have expected.

The Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner

This low profile stress reducer allows people of all ages to fidget, without making noise or distracting others. Like a fan, you can make the gadget spin. This causes a sense of satisfaction to many; especially if you have some type of OCD (we’ve been there).

Originally, this was designed to help people with ADD, but that’s not its main purpose anymore. Today we see fidget spinners with lights, add-ons, and various other distractions on it that make it more appealing as a toy than as a stress reliever.

Find it hard to believe? YouTube it: you’ll see more videos showing tricks and tips on using this gadget than it’s actual therapeutic purpose.

We’re sure some of you are wondering how these things can help with anxiety or stress, and we can elaborate on a personal level. How often during a day do you tap on a table, push the button on the top of your pen, crack your fingers, and the hundred other things you never even notice? This definitely eases all that, and discretely.

Forbes magazine even named these fidget spinners the office toy of the year.

Sure, back in the day we had stress balls, or stress cars, or whatever new “stress releasing” idea people came up with, but they all had the same purpose right? Squeeze it and somehow you’ll destress. However, here we are. A device that can even entertain cats.

Today, Yo-Yo is only a way to greet others, and not the toy we all wanted. We want to press buttons, hear sounds, have our hands ocupado. Not sure about you, but many of our video game console controllers have gotten spoilt with the amount we’ve span the joysticks and pressed those buttons; it will feel good to destroy cheap little toys rather than $40+ controllers.

Please stop talking and tell us how much they cost and where we can get them.

Woah – rude. Okay.

If you want a fidget cube, the only place to get an original is Antsy Labs, but good luck getting that before 2018. We had to cancel our order (made in February), and went for a knock off on Amazon, around March.

Not a day has gone by where this cube hasn’t been used, and it’s still in perfect condition. $10 for that, or chip in $10 more and you’ll be able to go around singing “you spin my head right round right round” (a.k.a. you can get yourself a fidget spinner) (also, please tell us you sang along).

Just click on any of the pictures below and we’ll send you right to the Amazon page to get ’em.


Just beware: this might seem like a silly, throw-away toy, but it’s really addicting. And, if it doesn’t manage to cure your anxiety, it sure will entertain you at least.

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