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Do you get thirsty? Do you run? Do you prefer paying less for more? Do you want to be cool? If you answered yes to any, this is a must read.


Now that we have your attention..

This week, we stumbled upon a product that is no innovation, no technology, and no different from what we currently have: a water bottle. Now, we’re not going to convince you on why hydration is so important and how it can improve your health. Nor are we set on forcing you to buy something you might not even need.

However, we stumbled upon this really intriguing bottle that might be convenient to a certain type of people over others. So it’s up to you to decide if this is something you’re interested in or not.

Balance Hydration SystemBalance Hydration System

The original is better than the picture, promise.

This “BHS” water bottle is set to change the way athletes exercise and stay hydrated at the same time, whilst also getting in a physical workout!

Aren’t bottles generally round?” – you might be thinking out loud. Yes, but this isn’t for your regular day to day use. You know how when you run, may it be on a treadmill or on open grounds, you can’t carry a water bottle due to it’s size and round shape? Well, this is what BHS wants to change.

The way it’s designed makes holding it (almost) effortless. You slide your hand through that opening and the bottle is simply… balanced. This leaves way for your thumb to flick the valve open or close!

Now, you already saw “free” in the title; what was that about? Well, this bottle actually goes for…


W-what? I thought you said it was free!

Yeah, okay. Since the IFLSG community is growing, we thought we’d treat you with a little something. For a limited time with a limited supply, we’ve managed to cut the cost down to $0.00, while only having you pay for shipping (WHEREVER in United States!).

What!?” You’re welcome #America.

Click hereIf you want to keep reading, by all means do. But for those eager shoppers, [bctt tweet=”this handy dandy bottle could be yours for only $5.95.”]


And unlike this pirate, you don’t even need to close your hands to actually “hold” the bottle

The BHS can hold up to 15 ounces, is BPA free, and extremely easy to clean.

The water here is distributed evenly throughout the bottle, and … wait for it … due to it’s grip and shape, this can even be used as a weight!

Now of course, for all you readers who spend hours lifting at the gym, this might not really be a selling point for you. BUT. All of you runners who spend hours throughout the week trying to hit that resistance peak and get some lean muscle, this has your name written all over it.

bottle bicep curl

That’s right! No more awkwardly shaped bottles for your bicep curls

For $5.95, you can have this convenient gadget shipped to you in just a couple of days, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can choose between 4 colours [Pink, Serenity Blue, Silver, and Echo Peach]. All you need to do is click here or on that big red circle above and you’ll be the next cool kid on the block. Or at least… the hydrated kid on the block.

Lastly, you can pay with PayPal too if you’re not comfortable putting your credit card details.

Happy drinking!

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