An iPad Pro without a home button?

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The 2018 iPad Pro has more rumours than it has buttons. Are you ready to experience Face ID on a bigger device?

OK, bear with me. I’ve never seen so many different theories and rumours on an iPad as I have with this one. Here are my favourites.

iPad Pro 2018 Rumours

iPad pro

Before I get into it, I’ll have you know I have never won any reward in my life – until that summer evening of 2016 when I got a phone call telling me I won an iPad Pro 12.9. Just thought I’d leave you with that wonderful story!

Also, side note, most of these rumours, are directly from Mac Otakara; the Japanese version of IFLSG (I wish).

1. Touch ID Face ID (no home button????)

Face IDAlthough I haven’t used it as much as I’ve liked – the Face ID has really made an enormous impact. Sure, Samsung did think of it first. Yes, they also had sensors that detected your eye movements. But also have you tried the iPhone X!?

Personally, I’ve find myself in love with the Touch ID. But mainly because when setting up my fingerprint, I get to see the cool little lines forming.

The iPad Pro 2018 is rumoured to eliminate the need for a fingerprint scanner and introduce facial recognition software in the supposed (thinner) 11 inch display, and 12.9 display models.

2. Goodbye headphone jack… (again)

Iphone headphone jackSaying good bye to the thing you most love is hard – but doing it twice? Again, these are only rumours. Don’t go sending hate mail to Tim Cook (yet).

I understand the whole “wireless future” concept, but it’s a bit frustrating when I’m not ready to spend $200 on Air Pods but still have to spend $50+ on adapters that will help me connect earphones to my devices.

This one’s a bit iffy though. Or at least I hope it is.

3. Thinner iPads

iPad Pro

On the left, you have the current image of an iPad. On the right, you have a futiristic iPad with no home button and thinner bezels.

bezels (in this case): The border between the screen and the edge of the iPad.

We can only assume that the new iPad Pro will be almost entirely made up of a touch screen (imagine an iPhone X version iPad).

This is the rumour that most makes sense (if everything else is true). Take away the home button, headphone jack, and you no longer need that thickness that hinders the existence of more screen.

I’m curious to see how this fairs on an iPad Pro 12.9 inch version though. That iPad is almost as big as my MacBook Pro – adding more screen to it might eliminate people’s desire to even buy a laptop.

As always, you can expect the iPad Pro to be faster, smarter, and brighter. We should know in a month or two how much they cost and if the rumours are accurate!

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