How about we (Magic) Leap into 2018?

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We have had Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles but what about glasses that mixed digital life with real life? Are you ready to completely change your perception of reality?

Ok some of you might not have laughed as hard as I did with the title but soon it will all make sense.

Magic Leap

For those who don’t know, Magic Leap was founded in 2010 but in 2014 it received over $500 million of funding from top investors (including Google). Essentially, they aimed to build a “Google Glass on steroids“.

Now I don’t know who they’re kidding at this point honestly, since my $10 sunglasses are better than the Google ones.

wait, maybe I should have invented the Google Glass on steroids.

Anyway, over the next few months, Magic Leap started releasing teasers and demo videos and all this fancy news on their augmented reality gaming and their virtual 3D incorporated software and yada yada yada. This actually worked wonders for them because in the first few months of 2016, they were actually valued at over 6 billion dollars.

6+ billion dollars… and you’re probably reading about Magic Leap for the first time in your life.

Wait, at least tell me what it does?


Just in case it wasn’t clear, there isn’t actually a giant creature of the sea in the middle of a school gym. It’s a 3D animation from a virtual reality enhanced sunglass.

December 20, 2017

While this year is days away from ending and you’ve given up all hopes of accomplishing stuff in 2017 and leaving it all for the year after, Magic Leap has just announced the Magic Leap One.

Coming with a controller, a battery pack, and oddly shaped lenses, get ready to spend a lot of buck for this bang.

Magic Leap One

You have a lot of questions and.. no,  I don’t have a lot of answers. Maybe a few at the very best. So I’m going to try to answer with as many pictures as I can.


magic leap oneWell. Not really. It’s actually pretty huge but you can tell there’s a LOT going on. This Digital Lightfield technology comes with environmental mapping, precision tracking, and sound field audio. (P.S. All of this is coming from the Magic Leap website itself, so feel free to check that out at any point).


Magic leap one features

  • Digital light is going to blend in super easily with real life light – making it comfortable to use these glasses for long periods of time.
  • Digital presentations (all of the non-tangible stuff you’ll see as a result of the augmented/virtual/mixed reality won’t interfere with your perception of the actual physical world.
  • Audio is basically pretty great.
  • It’s very fast and very responsive.
  • You’re essentially getting an imaginary 3D world on a 24/7 basis.

Display on demand

Digital display magic leap one

Do I even need to spend time shedding tears of joy and amazement?

Literally open screens, create objects; put a virtual TV down in front of you, look away, then look right back and the TV will still be there. This sounds very fun if true.


magic leap gaming

Wow. Ok. No. I c-can’t e..ven get into this right now.

Bring your creativity to life

Nope. I’m done.

Please check out their Youtube channel to see this thing in motion. The videos are a bit old and to be fair might not be as impressive but if this is actually coming to us in 2018 then I’m already ready for 2017 to be OVER.

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