Nokia 3310: an actual #throwback, coming back?

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Stop thinking about 2016 and how we left certain memes or fashion trends behind. Remember 2000? That was a good year for Nokia, and it's now coming back.

We could bet a million dollars (this isn’t happening because we are far from millionaires) on the fact that in some point of your lives, either you or someone close to you owned a Nokia 3310. We know you remember which Nokia phone we’re referring to. The one that could withstand a fall from a 30-floor building, the one that could protect you from a bullet, and the phone that taught you what “snake” was.

If our description isn’t good enough, check out this happy customer’s review:nokia 3310 review

Ladies and gentlemen, before your Siri’s, your 3D touches, your customizable home pages, and your poor financial situation, came your beloved: Nokia 3310

B-but wait, why are you showing us this phone?” “This is the oldest phone in the world, I had it when I was 6. What’s your point?” “Why are you writing as if you know what we’re thinking?”

We have the answer to all of your (..our) questions.

As you should be knowing by now, Nokia was once the powerhouse of the mobile industry. Before Apple and Samsung, if you wanted to be the popular kid in school (or at least back in our times), you had to show up with one of these bad boys. Eventually, as USA TODAY explains, they lost their power to today’s big dogs. Microsoft actually bought Nokia for $7.2 billion (which is when we saw the likes of the Nokia Lumia) in 2014, only to end up dumping the “failed business”. Today, Nokia has a new home: HMD Global Oy; a Finnish company that develops mobile devices under the “Nokia” brand.

So what is this about return of the dead that you speak of?” snake

Again, great question.

If you’re a person who uses cellphones for what they actually are … cellphones, then you’ll love the idea of having a massive battery life in a small device that lets you call, send sms text messages, and play Snake II. Going for only $73, HMD plans on unveiling the new 3310 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) this month. Of course, there will be other models of Nokia too, but do any of those matter now that you finally know about the resurrection of the this phone, 11 years after they stopped production (2005)?

If you feel old now, just remember that this phone was one of the first of its kind to allow users to “chat” with each other through cell phone devices. Ha!nokia 3110

We aren’t sure how the market will react to a phone that literally can’t cope with today’s generation. Today, we need our Snapchats, Instagrams, Appstores, and video calling. Why would people buy the 3310 other than to reminisce?

Would you buy it?

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  1. Only capable of running on 2G networks which most first world countries have already gotten rid of / plan on getting rid of in the next 1-2 years. Unfortunate but true

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