Mirror mirror on the wall…

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Yes. Your mirror will now tell you if you're pretty or not.

Who’s the fairest of them all?” Honestly, if you didn’t complete the quote in your head, you are terrible.

The main difference between this post and a Disney story though… is that this might actually be true. 

You might have heard of Simplehuman before, the company known for various household items – but they just got a whole lot cooler. 

What’s cool about a mirror… you ask?

Simplehuman has officially presented their new line of sensor mirrors, at CES 2019. Powered by Google’s voice assistant, this sensor mirror doubles in audio power with Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 (so you can take advantage of your music, audio books, even phone calls; all while looking at yourself).

This obviously includes all kinds of streaming services (music from your phone, audiobooks) and even the possibility to conduct phone calls.

Designed to help your process, these new sensor mirrors add premium lighting to help you get all pretty (specially if you’re into makeup!)

Side note … I’ve seen enough makeup tutorial videos on Instagram (unwillingly) to know that lighting is a big factor for you all.

Available in different shapes, colours, sizes (…and prices – the cheapest starting at $100), these smart mirrors show you the difference in lighting, provide adjustable colour temperature, and even saves your LOOKS!

“The mirror automatically lights up when you approach, so we integrated the Google Assistant as a second layer of access to easily get the weather, news, and other useful intel with just voice commands,” Yang said. “It’s extremely intuitive.”

Frank Yang (Simplehuman CEO)

Now… this is not the only smart mirror you’re going to read about today

Self titled the “Smart Bathroom of the Future”, CareOS has launched the first operating system that makes your bathroom … smart. In this year’s CES, they unveiled Artemis, the only smart mirror with CareOS functionality that connects “health, beauty, and wellness”.

careos mirror

Before you read any further, I’ll have you know that CareOS even received an award for being so innovative.


  • Magnifier – zoom in and out on the mirror itself
  • Vision test – is your eyesight getting worst? No need to schedule an appointment with a specialist, get your eyesight checked out on the mirror itself
  • Virtual Try-On: with virtual beauty features, you can try on lipstick or eyeliner without having to physically take on the extra work!
  • Fitness coaching, teleconferencing, facial recognition, voice command – I have to say, I like this way more than I do the Simplehuman stuff. 

Now, you obviously know that this mirror is fully touch screen – right? I feel like I needed to make that clear for the people in the back.

I hope you realize and understand how much of a game changer this is, honestly specially for me. Ask anyone who knows me – I spend waaay too much time in front of a mirror, judging every single look (and occasionally checking myself out). 

Do you have any mirror preference? I know I do.

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