Netflix Hack Day 2018

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Ever dreamt of controlling Netflix with just your eyes? That dream might become reality soon...

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. I addressed that in my latest Instagram post. And while you’re reading that, hit that follow button too.

This post is long overdue – but I really wanted to address the Netflix Hack Day that occurred in Fall 2018 (November). I actually wrote about one of the creations of 2017 a while back, and you need to read that because it’s for sure going to change your Netflix and Chill game. 


What is a Hack Day?

As Netflix describes it.. “A big deal”. It allows Netflix employees to create new features or tools to enhance your Netflix viewing experience, while having a lot more fun. And all of this… in 24 hours

Now behold, as I present to you a few of the top picks of this Netflix Hack Day. 

Netflix Hack Day #1: Jump to Shark

This one seems to be a favourite, so pay attention.

Summary for those who couldn’t care enough to watch the one minute video: have you seen the movie Sharknado? 


Well, it’s mainly about sharks, but the whole movie doesn’t show sharks constantly… until now. With Jump to Shark, you can literally jump to scenes in Sharknado where you can see… sharks. That’s.. Yeah, that’s all it does. Time for reruns of Sharknado!!! 

Netflix Hack Day #2: Eye Nav

And this one is my favourite…

Summary for those who couldn’t care enough to watch the one minute video: have you ever felt lazy?

With this Netflix hack, you can officially control your mobile app with your eyes and your tongue. How insane is that? 

Use your eyes to select shows and films, access extra details, and even play them! How much of a game changer would this be to our day-to-day (other than for sure making us even more lazy)?

Netflix Hack Day #3: Panning Vertical Player

For sure this is the most unnecessary thing and I can’t find it to be useful to anyone, but I might as well show you.

Summary for those who couldn’t care enough to watch the one minute video: tired of watching Netflix on a horizontal phone? 

No? Me neither. But just in case you are, the Panning Vertical Player allows you to watch your shows and movies without turning your device sideways.

Of course… then comes the burden of having to scroll with your finger to watch what’s happening on either end of the movie you’re watching but… it’s a hack, for sure. 

Any your favourites? Any Netflix Hack Day hack you’d like to use? Or a hack you’d like to see, perhaps?

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