Disney Plus: Yet another streaming service

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2019: The year of a thousand different streaming services. However, this one might actually be on to something...

Disney Plus or Disney+, either works.

Disney Plus announcement

Listen. At this point I’m only writing about Disney Plus so that you can know about it (since you and I both know that you won’t Google it for yourself).

But it’s fine. I’m fine. You want another streaming service? Here’s your other streaming service. But between you and me, keep your eyes open for IFL Smart Gadgets+. Launching (Enter date here).

Ok. What’s Disney Plus?

Announced very shortly after Apple TV+, Disney Plus is a new video streaming service owned by, you guessed it, Disney. Set to launch on November 12 of this year, it will focus mainly (if not only) on films and television content from Walt Disney. Yes, this includes Pixar, Marvel, and all that fun stuff.

Disney Plus Layout


Before I even tell you, just remember that Netflix is close to $15 a month. That being said, Disney Plus will cost around $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year. Note, this will be an initial price. Since Disney owns most of Hulu and ESPN, you can expect bundles to be formed if you want to add on to your streaming experience.

What exactly can I watch?

Disney Plus image featuring Frozen and popular Disney brands (Pixar, Marvel)

Turns out, they own a lot of content. So bear with me.

Expect to see everything from Captain Marvel, to all Pixar films. Old and new Marvel series (featuring new ones like WandaVision and Loki). All the Star Wars films, Disney classics including Marry Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and others. High School Musical (😍) Malcolm in the Middle, new Phineas and Ferb movies, and so much more.

BASICALLY over 7,500 episodes and over 500 of your favourite films. I told you it was a lot.

P.S. Toy Story 4 is getting two spin-offs – check out the complete list here.

Ok IFLSG (Prithvi), tell me what features I can expect

Fair enough.

  • You can download all your content from the get go. Offline streaming, baby!
  • Introducing Disney Plus Profile. Build your own custom avatar (why? I don’t know, I’m just a messenger).
  • This might be a sad one (or a happy one, depending on how optimistic you are): if you currently enjoy all Disney content on Netflix, stop. By the end of this year, we expect most of Disney content to disappear from Netflix (have you already noticed no more Daredevil or Luke Cage renewals?).


Simpsons on Disney

This is not a start up – it’s an already established (and mind you, very powerful) company that’s making its way through yet another platform, so you can expect to see Disney Plus… everywhere. Phones, tablets, computers, Roku TVs, gaming consoles; do I need to go on?

Also, before my non-US based readers get upset – over the next two years, you can expect Disney Plus to launch in every major region of the world.

And there you have it, folks. Thoughts?

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