Summer Party-Savers

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The next time someone asks "do you have speakers"? You'll finally be able to answer with pride "Yes. Yes I do (and they are also water resistant!)".

Contrary to the oh-so popular saying…

Summer is Coming

No matter where you are, the next few months are going to be HOT. Regardless of how comfortable you are showing off your 6 pack (of muscle or beer), you will be spending a while at the pool with your friends – or alone. Now, think about this for a second. What happens at these pool parties? You eat, you drink, but most importantly: you listen to music. We don’t care how good your phone’s speakers are, you need to come in clutch with those high quality speakers.

But wait – there’s more. What if we told you you could attain that crisp sound, waterproof, and not break the bank? And no, we’re not going to link you to $70 speakers when we refer to “not breaking the bank”; we understand the struggles of being a college student.

Cambridge Angle 3

cambridge angle 3

If you’re looking for something sturdy and self-supportive, the Cambridge Angle 3 is your guy. Whether you lay it down or stand it up, you’re able to access buttons easily, and avoid it being scratched due to the rubber ends. 30 ft away and even through walls, you’re almost guaranteed to still hear that fire mixtape. Even after that pool party, take this bad boy up to your apartment for some great after parties! The Cambridge Angle comes with more bass than regular speakers – so prepare yourself for when that beat drops. Plus, if you don’t use the speaker for 15 minutes, it even shuts down to save battery life!

Although not completely waterproof, it is extremely water resistant. No water splash, rain, or dust, can stop you from enjoying your music. Plus, it’s quite easy to pair with your audio device (we know how annoying it can get to wait forever for the bluetooth to sync). It even comes with a built in mic, micro USB charging cable, and that handy AUX. All of this for only $27.99

Link: Cambridge Angle 3

Omaker M4


Again, not exactly waterproof, but you bet it’s water resistant. These speakers all have an IPX4 rating, which means they can go through some serious water splashes before actually getting spoilt. With it’s compact body yet wide range, the Omaker M4 is a loud, clear, and bass-filled speaker. If 12 hour playtime doesn’t seem enough, it only takes about 3 hours to fully charge; so you’re ready for another party the next day. This beauty even supports voice commands (for Siri, etc); this might come in handy more than a couple of times.

Like the Cambridge model, this also connects to your mobile device in a matter of seconds. Over 20 feet away and this speaker will still deliver clarity in sound, as well as that volume. The owner manual does say to not leave it charging for over 12 hours (not sure why, just don’t risk it!), in case you’re one of those people who love to overcharge their devices. Lastly, with that rugged built, these might be perfect to “throw around”, although not sure why you’d throw speakers around. Although this doesn’t seem to be AS good as the previous speaker, it is pretty convenient for small gatherings, both at home and at the pool. All of this for only $22.99.

Link: Omaker M4

We could go on with the list but we feel that the more options there are, the less inclined you are to making a decision. If you’re a pool/beach person, looking forward to the summer, and wouldn’t mind a brand new speaker: either one of the two are great options. It all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend.

On a side note, we’re considering the possibility of writing up an e-book with the best deals/discounts on several gadgets. This will include everything from low end electronics to high end. If you’re interested, definitely let us know!

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