Wait…… Is Windows 95 actually back?

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We've seen Windows evolve over time, but a throw back to Windows 95 doesn't sound half bad right now, does it?

Like I’m literally not even kidding. Windows 95 is back.

Like no, don’t even get me started.

Windows 95 Logo

  • I’m a beta tester for iOS 12.
  • I’m stoked for Mac OS Mojave.
  • I have Windows 10 installed on my Mac.
  • I have all my Android phones on the latest Android software.
  • and someone has the AUDACITY to make me go crazy for Windows 95, AGAIN?
Well played.

For the newer generations reading this, this might seem like an antique waste to you. But the OG’s will remember playing Minesweeper a thousand times and still not understanding how the game works (or was that just me?).

Remember a year ago when Microsoft killed the Paint app? You can actually witness the original version now.

Windows 95 games

Who? Why? How?

All valid questions, all valid questions.

So Felix Rieseberg actually did this for … fun. However, contrary to a normal operating system, this is a stand alone app (aka, just like any other app you would download onto your computer).

Only weighing 129 MB (which I promise you is nothing), you can actually download it from Github for both Mac OS and Windows!

windows 95

Of course, as the maker explains, the app might not do every single thing that the former Windows 95 could (which, let’s be honest, is maybe 15% of what Windows 10 can do today). However, Felix is actually constantly updating this app to let you install files on it, play games on it, and even use it for more than just reminiscing!

Feel free to follow the creator’s journey on his Twitter page, and go ahead and re-download your (at some point in time) favourite operating system!

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