Blackberry is making a comeback … again

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There was once upon a time where everyone wanted each other's "Blackberry Pin". Are we going to want to move from iMessage to Blackberry Messenger this time?

Again? Why do you say again?

I’m not sure how many of you stuck onto the Blackberry fad after we were blessed with the existence of Samsung and Apple, but there was once upon a time where all of us were exchanging “BBPINS”.


I mean… in all fairness, this was the one-stop-way to cool town. Use the ball or the trackpad to slide around your phone’s apps or use BBM to text your friends, we all had or wanted one (at least where I lived).¬†Unfortunately¬†(and I say that with a hint of sarcasm), the Blackberry fad died when we got our Samsung Galaxy’s and our iPhone 3g’s.

I feel that what made the Blackberry unique was the trackpad, which was mighty fun. But in a world of touch screen smartphones, a trackpad was just not going to work.

Introducing the Blackberry z10

blackberry z10

This 2013 model with 16gb storage had a Blackberry OS 10 (operating system), an 8 MP camera, and up to 312 of stand-by battery life. In all honesty, it was a pretty decent phone. It was fast, powerful, and being fully touch screen, it appealed to the (then) modern day population.

Unfortunately (and this is without any sarcasm) the popularity of Android never let the z10 shine as it should have.

Now… Their keyboard was one of my favourite parts, but the touch screen was not half bad either; how could Blackberry get out of this one?

Blackberry KeyONE

blackberry keyone

I may or may not have screamed a little when I saw this phone.

With its beautiful keyboard back again, the carbon fiber finish, and a beautiful display; the battery of the blackberry lasts all day.

Now take a minute to check that keyboard out, because not only is it an actual physical keyboard, but it has some remarkable technology inbuilt.

You can either press the keys, or swipe through them; every movement has a function!

With over a million apps and being one of the world’s most secure phones, the Blackberry took it one notch higher. This phone is now powered by Android.

With a 12mp camera, a 256 GB microSD card, and your favourite old blackberry apps, the Blackberry KeyONE might be a 2018 favourite.

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