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We've had delivery cars, delivery bikes, and delivery trucks. But are you ready for delivery dogs?

It’s funny because we went from the “30 minutes or under, or it’s free!” Pizza Hut generation, to Amazon Prime’s 2 day free shipping, and we’re still not satisfied.

Hungry but never satisfied” is starting to make sense now. Which brings me to one of my main points…

Do you think dogs do enough already?

Yes? Okay, well I’m about to tell you something about robot dogs so hold on to your seats.

continental cube

If this picture has not already blown you away, allow me.

Introduced in this year’s CES: Continental, the German automotive manufacturing company, has found a way to make ROBOT dogs ride in a DRIVERLESS vehicle to DELIVER YOUR PACKAGES.

I only used caps because I was actually yelling – sorry.

continental cube

Step 1: Driverless Vehicle

CUbE: Continental Urban Mobility Experience (let’s just go with CUbE), is designed to be an efficient package delivery vehicle, with the ability to carry delivery robot dogs.

This concept has been around for a couple years now, and is used mainly as some sort of transportation service (take you from one place to another).

Step 2: “Guys, wait. We could use some robot dogs though” – someone at Continental

ANYmal – which is the actual name of the robot dog(s), is a product of ANYbotics. ANYmal is designed to be able to operate in any terrain and environment, indoor or outdoor. Its design allows the robot dog to crawl, walk, run, dance, jump, carry, or whatever the task requires.

Feel free to peek-a-boo on this video from CES this January!

I was honestly going to write about other delivery services introduced at CES but I might have to leave that for another occasion – I just can’t get over the idea of buying something off of Amazon and having a robot dog deliver it to my front door.

But to bring this to a close – this is all you need to know for now. That this (working) concept is an idea that exists and is being worked on and at some point could very likely be a part of our day to day. Enjoy!

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