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Google clips is a new AI powered camera that can take pictures without your help...

A new way to capture big moments and little ones, too.

Meet Google Clips.

With artificial intelligence being the big whoop in today’s day and age, it’s only high time we had some sort of artificial intelligence powered camera. Costing $250 (but with free shipping) you can now get on the waitlist for an extremely different type of camera.

You know how growing up, your dad always took a million pictures of you that you probably haven’t seen in years? Well, this 2 inch sensor – 12MP camera with up to 16GB of storage now relies on an AI trained by professional photographers to take the pictures on its… own.

It recognizes expressions, lighting and framing. As with any AI powered device, this camera gets smarter over time. For those concerned with the privacy aspect of a camera constantly watching you at home: Google claims that the Google Clips is entirely hardware based and none of the information is uploaded to servers.

You know how the iPhone has “live” images? Well Google Clips comes with motion photos that also lasts a few seconds (though audio-less).

Get this, the more Clips identifies a face, the more pictures of X person (or pet) are taken. So I guess cameras can now choose who’s actually photogenic and who isn’t.

*** Please don’t clip this on children.

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