Stadia: A new way to game

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Is this what the future of gaming holds for us? Is this what a "Netflix for Games" looks like?

“The future of gaming is not a box.”

Stadia presentation

“Stadia” is probably a word you’ve read often in the past few days, and I’m here to tell you what it’s all about. This is a new video game platform that allows you to play on all types of screens – TV, laptop, desktop, tablet, and dare I go on? Yes. Mobile.

The main goal behind this revolutionary new gaming platform is to stop constricting players into having to have just one console or one PC to play a certain game. You still can’t even play PS3 games on your PS4, for crying out loud.

Here’s why you should care:

Stadia gaming controller

What do we like so much about entertainment platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, or others? That we can take them wherever we go, digitally. No need for specific machines or consoles or screens – have an iPad? Just open Netflix. A computer? Spotify web or even the app!

Now… here’s what makes Stadia extra special – YouTube Integration.

YouTube’s role in Stadia

Youtube integration with Stadia

Like every company, Google wants you to continue using their apps, and what’s better than making you stick to YouTube? In 2018, over 50 billion hours of gaming content were watched online. Read that again.

50 billion hours+.

We watched Fortnite replays, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, everything – countless times.

Note the picture above, and then read this statement directly from Google.

If you watch one of your favorite creators playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, simply click the “play now” button. Seconds later, you’ll be running around ancient Greece in your own game/on your own adventure—no downloads, no updates, no patches and no installs.

I don’t know about you, but I am for sure convinced. 

When? Where? How can I get this?

For now, Google has only been teasing. But other than a US, Canada, UK, and Europe launch in 2019, they’re yet to say more.

For updates on Stadia, click this link.

If you’re a developer interested in developing for Stadia, click this link.

And if you’re just curious to see what the future of gaming holds…

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