iOS 11 – Hands on Experience

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Just when we were getting used to loving the iOS 10, comes the bigger and the better. Say hello the most minimal, yet most complete mobile software.

In an earlier article, we mentioned IOS 11 and a few highlights of what we were looking forward to.

While the rest of the world waits till September to access this beauty, we thought we’d get into it and let you know what to expect.

iOS 11

A Giant Step for iPhone.

A monumental leap for iPad.

Two nights ago we managed to install iOS 11 on an iPhone 6s, and an iPad Pro (12.9″); and the results were impressive. Will this be the “best” update yet?

1) File App

files app

Similar to in a MacBook or your Windows laptop, iOS now holds an application that will allow you to access, organize, and interact with various files.

People complained about not having one central application to allow you to control your iDevice’s information, and Apple heard you loud and clear. From here you can tag folders, work with stuff on your iDevice or your iCloud drive, and all that fun stuff.

2) iPad Dock

ipad dock

One of our favourite iOS updates for the iPad.

Right when we thought that the “multitasking” feature on the iPad was insane, they come up with a new one. Those familiar with MacBooks might be overly excited with this one. Add or remove your favourite apps, or even modify their positions!

One thing we did notice was that whatever app you used last, tends to show up on the dock until you remove it; which might be annoying to a few.

Of course, if you only have an iPhone, this shouldn’t make or break you.

3) Drag & Drop

Drag and drop

Again, another iPad exclusive. Since the iPad has taken on this “multitouch” lifestyle, you can now move things from one (open) app to another; i.e. click and drag photos to your mail! Of course, now that the Notes app has been revamped, you can even drap and drop over there.

If you own an iPencil, this might be a huge update for you. The amount of things you’ll be able to do are absolutely insane.

4) Camera


More often than not, Apple users have had to buy new iDevices all together if they want to experience any possible upgrade in the camera department.

However, in iOS 11, your iPhone photos are taken in a new light… literally. High quality pictures that don’t weigh as much, isn’t that the dream? Even live photos have received an upgrade!

5) Siri


If only you could hear her (or his) beautiful voice; it even sounds more human now.

Siri has been revamped and is apparently smarter than ever. She can now translate anything from English – to Chinese, Spanish, French, German, or even Italian. We do expect to see more languages in the future.

Not only that, but Siri now understands you. Your likes, dislikes; taste in music, and even the news. She can Google for you, predict what you’re going to say, and even send money to your friends for you! (If you needed an excuse to avoid that awkward “pay up” conversation)

6) Control Center

control center

Hands down, the best thing about iOS. Both in iPad and iPhone, the control center has been completely modified (and even more so if you have 3D touch!).

You now have EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted, just a swipe away. Bluetooth, airplane mode, WI-FI, data; and you see those brightness and volume bars? We promise there has been nothing more entertaining than swiping up.. and down.. A well deserved break from the slider bar in previous iOS’.

Not impressed? This might change your mind..

The control center is now… customizable.

You see the torch, clock, calculator and camera at the bottom? That’s not all you can have, so make it your own. You can choose to add or remove all of those icons at the bottom!

So YOU decide if you want a camera, note pad, low battery mode, screen recording, and more!

7) Everything else

There are so many great things, but we can’t go through all of them. Here are a few more you might find interesting:

  • Do Not Disturb: When your GPS senses you’re moving at a fast-ish speed, the “do not disturb” mode will activate on your iPhone and stop you from getting distracted with those constant notifications.
  • Quick Type: Ever been in bed and you want to type with one thumb but the screen’s too wide so you have to use both hands and the phone falls on your face? Same. You can now activate a functionality where the entire keyboard shifts to the right, or to the left; depending on your preference.
  • Lock Screen and Notification Center: This is not just a pull down with your notifications anymore. We can’t even explain it, but it’s beautiful. There’s so much going on, but at the same time.. nothing going on. The way your notifications are grouped, the accessibility to the camera and the user interaction is just amazing.
  • Music, App Store, Maps, get ready for the fastest, newest, and best iOS.

iOS 11

ios ipad iphone

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this bad boy, know that it’s still in the beta version. We have told you many of the positives, but it’s currently a long way from being at it’s final form.

There are bugs, occasional crashes, missing features, and other stuff that might annoy you if you don’t have the patience.

Apple tends to release this iOS a short while in advance so public beta testers all over the world can help by giving feedback and improving this software.

As reminded by our close friend, Dustin Moore, this isn’t as simple as looking for updates right now. There is a process, registration of your devices, etc.

If you’re interested, definitely comment down below and we’ll be happy to get your foot through the door in the most wonderful experience. The experience of being able to shape the future of mobile software.

Enjoy your iOS!

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